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We are a Social Enterprise registered with raiSE ( The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise). We are also a MOM registered maid agency that ensure verification and proper documentation to avoid additional cost and delays.

About Us

We are a social enterprise that aims to make employment of domestic helpers in Singapore transparent, cost-efficient and convenient. We provide employers with the convenience of searching for your maids in Singapore with photos, videos and verification of helpers' documents and employment history in Singapore. You can choose to visit us at our office or have the helper meet you at your location. We also provide home/office service for documentation and verification for the busy employers.

We believe in putting our best effort to understand and pair both employers' requirements and our candidates' experience and skills.

We seek all parties involved to be patient and understanding, as personal characteristics, culture, and life experiences differ.

We offer fast and efficient service to our customers with one of the most affordable fees in Singapore.

Slogan - Helping ALL

Joy Daganasol
Erna Lea Cristobal
Wiwik Widyawati
Lina Widiyawati
Emma Marilla
Jasminuma Kulsum Choundhury
Amelia Clarito
Poe Ei Phyo
Maria Gerlie Feliciano
Joanne Tamsi
Dewi Juwati
Rina Maryana
Marivic Segovia
Michelle Diel Cahong
Yety Sumeyati
Marissa Tuang
Juvelyn Bautista
Rosel Gay Odarve
Nita Selvia
Amy Deatras
Minalyn Sabino
Mae Rose Lalangan
Rhea F. Vibal
Frelyn Rosales
Richelle Gamayon
Agnes Blanes
Lorna San Jose
Venicita Ringcodan
Princess Valdez
Maribeth Morales

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