7 easy steps to win loyalty of your maid

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A loyal maid is a blessing because it gives a peace of mind to her employers, but most of the families do complain about the loyalty of their maids. It is important to understand that these maids come from various families and backgrounds just to earn a living by providing their services. They know that their point of appreciation lies within their loyal services, but most of the employers, through their attitude, destroys all their expectations.

The employers terminate their maids in Singapore when they don’t get the expected commitment from them, but termination is not the only option. Most of the times, the employers are unable to make their maids faithful, but they don’t perceive that. So, if you are trying to make your maid devoted, then here are seven most important steps that you must immediately follow

  1. Give Her Basic Leadership Authorities

Without any doubt, you are the boss here and of course, all the decisions related to the household affairs are dependent upon your Yes or No but don’t you think that your maid deserves a little bit of the authority. Imagine yourself working in a place where you have no authority over anything, how frustrated could that be? It will be like staying in a prison. So would you be loyal to someone who treats you like a prisoner? The answer is simply ‘No’. Giving basic leadership authority to your maid will help her to do the job with great confidence and this act will grow a sense of responsibility and accountability in your maid. This action will help in creating a positive psychological environment in her mind, where she won’t see herself as a lower-graded employee, but will see her as a house manager and ultimately you will gain her loyalty.

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  1. Provision of the Basic Tools

Suppose your job is to break the wall, but the person supervising you (your boss), haven’t provided you with the basic tools, so will you be able to make it happen? And now even on asking for the tools, you haven’t been given any or all, so will you be loyal to your boss? Of course not and it is because you will begin to mistrust your employer. Similar is the case that goes with your maid. If you want your maid to be loyal to you and to perform her duties well, then you must provide her with the basic tools, which are required to complete the task or an operation.

  1. Give Her Respect

Your maid cannot be loyal to you if she is not getting the respect she deserves. The important thing to understand here is that your maid is also a human being, maybe she is not well educated, but that doesn’t make her less than any other respectable person in the room. She is capable of being an independent person, which is why she has made herself to face this world and to work and live respectfully. So, it is one of your responsibilities to show her respect and you will soon realize that you are gaining her loyalty. This deed might look tiny, but it is one of the basic ways to gain your maid’s respect. It is observed that in the families, where maids are treated with respect, are found to be happier, their household affairs are entirely managed and their minds are at peace.

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  1. Avoid Inspection at Micro-Levels

Taking care of each and everything, and noticing any changes is one of the rights of you as an employer, but that doesn’t mean to have your eyes on everything your maid is doing. You must understand that freedom at a workplace is important, so you need to avoid inspecting things at the very micro-level. If you will keep asking your maid about every little thing and detail, then she will lose her interest in the work. It will make her realize that you don’t trust her and she will begin fearing the day of her elimination from the job, which will directly affect the work in an extremely negative way. So, it is better to set the ground rules in the beginning and then let her manage them by herself. Even if your maid has made any severe mistake for the first time, then try to make her understand in a very polite way, revise the rules and take a fresh start.

  1. Appreciation and Rewards

Ever wonder why the student is being rewarded with presents and gifts, who takes the first position in the exams? It is because to gain his or her loyalty and commitment towards the education. So one of the best ways to gain your maid’s loyalty is to appreciate her work and give her rewards from time to time. These things will increase her interest in the household operations and she will ultimately become your loyal maid.

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  1. Sympathy and Empathy

There will be times when you have to become a sympathetic or empathetic employer to your maid. It is very important to understand the situations your maid is dealing with on the daily basis, which are apart from her work. She can be ill or there might be some problem back in her family, so it is your responsibility understand her problems and try your best to solve them.

  1. Treat Her as a Family Member

Lastly, you should treat your maid as a family member in order to make her loyal towards you and your family. You must understand the fact that treating your maid as one of your own family members will make her realize your kind actions towards her. She will feel comfortable in discussing her personal matters with you and she might even ask you to advise her on several matters, and this is how the level of loyalty and trust will be gained and increased.

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