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Top 5 reasons for maid termination in Singapore

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Hiring maids have now become the lifestyle of the people of Singapore and one of the reasons for such employment opportunity is to due to the busy schedule of the Singaporean citizens. It is seen that most of the people (males and females) are involved in jobs and own businesses, therefore, they require maids to look after their house management, which includes tasks, such as cleaning the house, cooking meals, taking care of the house and most importantly taking care of the kids.

The majority of the maids working in Singapore are not its citizen, in fact; they are here from different other countries, such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, in order to work. This is why they are categorized under Foreign Domestic Worker by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore. The maids are offered various salaries packages, starting from $650 to $1000, depending upon their experience and certification. And it can be clearly assumed that in the upcoming era, the demand for maids in Singapore will increase.

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The employment opportunities for maids in Singapore are excessive but that doesn’t give any job security. Depending upon the type of employer they get, it is possible for them to be working in this country for several decades and even they can be fired due to various reasons at any time. However, below are the five most common reasons for maid cessation in Singapore.

  1. Medically Unfit

Every maid undergoes a series of medical test and examinations to ensure that she is healthy and not suffering from any major disease. She is given permission to work in Singapore only if she is medically fit or else the visa gets rejected. However, it is possible that a maid can catch any illness when she is already in Singapore and working for her employer. In this situation, the employers terminate their maids by giving the excuse to the Ministry of Manpower that the worker (maid) is ill and cannot perform the duties. Although according to the employment act the employer has to take care of the maid’s medical expenses for some instance but ultimately she gets fired from work. It is necessary for the maids to take care of their health and avoid taking such actions, which may become the reason of their unfitness or else the consequences are nothing but getting fired.

  1. Unsuitable Behaviour with the Employer

One of the responsibilities of a maid is to be good in the presence of the employer and remain polite during the employer’s absence. Most of the employers do not withstand rude and bad behavior of the maid, which results in termination of the job. It is necessary for the maid to obey to all the tasks given to her in the job description and stay fair to her duties. Moreover, showing rudeness and rough behavior or giving unmannerly answers to the employers may showcases the impression of dishonesty and lack of interest upon the employer. This might definitely makes the employer to search for another maid and he or she may take the decision to fire the existing one.

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  1. Lack of Communication

One of the major problems faced by most of the foreign maids is the lack of communication. Most of the maids, who come from other countries, do not have average education and therefore, they are not capable to understand the official languages of Singapore. Some good employers do give chances to their maids by enrolling them into language lessons, but not every employer is ready to carry extra expenses. Maids who are not able to speak with their employers due to the language barrier, are found to be disturbed and cannot perform their tasks accurately, as they do not understand the language of their employer. This language barrier creates problems in understanding between both, the employer and maid, and then the employer has no other option than terminating the maid and finding the new one.

  1. Theft

A maid must remember her roles, duties and responsibilities, and she must understand that during the absence of her employer she is the one to take care of the things present in the house, as the employer has trusted her. There are several cases of theft that took place over the past years in Singapore involving the maids. It is important to understand that if any maid will be captured stealing any of her employer’s belongings, then she will be definitely terminated and also she has to face the legal charges and might end up in prison.

  1. Pregnancy

Pregnancy has now become another cause for the termination of maids in Singapore. Most of the employers now hesitate to keep hired any pregnant maid, as they have to take care of the medical expenses and also due to pregnancy; it becomes difficult for the maid to perform all her duties perfectly. So in order to save the expenditures, the employers mostly decide to fire the maid and they look for the new foreign domestic worker.

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Maids are advised to avoid such things that may become the reason for the termination. If any maid is willing to work in Singapore, then she must understand the psychology of the employers and take steps accordingly. In case of any medical issues, such as pregnancy, the maid must take her employer in confidence so that her job is saved at the end of the day.

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