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Asia Manpower Resources is an established MOM registered manpower resource organization based in Singapore. We are a manpower sourcing & supply firm in the Asia region, providing recruiting and staffing solution to various business across different industries and to the domestic sector. Comprise of 2 division: Corporate B2B & Retail. Offering dedicated human resources services that include: Domestic Workers placement Part time maid recruitment & assignment Permanent / Contract placement Work pass application Executive job placement Supply of skill / semi skill / general workers Our strong source of domestic workers are from Indonesia, Philippines & Myanmar. We carefully select and train our maid for competency & quality to meet the Employers' demands. We strive to provide fast, reliable and value added services to our clients while keeping the price low and economical. We are highly inspired & determined to provide quality services to every of our Customer, with a dedicated and sincere people oriented approach to make every job placement a satisfaction to all of our Clients. Please feel free to call us or drop us your enquiry and we are glad to be of your assistance.

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