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Cinderella is a maid agency based in Singapore which is managed by expats who immigrated to Singapore and Singaporeans who have lived overseas for a long time. Our promise is to deliver a premium service to both Employers and Foreign Domestic workers (FDWs).We listen to our customers first; we aim for quality not quantity. We are specialised in assisting employers with finding and selecting quality "Transfer Maids". Transfer Maids are FDW's who are currently working in Singapore and who like to transfer to a new employer. The advantage of a FDW who wants to transfer is that its possible for the future employer to interview her in person. The FDW's registered with Cinderella are carefully selected and do have extensive working experience in Singapore. Please do not hessitate to contact us, we are looking forward to assist you. Warm regards, Cinderella employment agency

About Us

Why Cinderella?

In 2009 my husband, our 2 children and I moved from The Netherlands to Singapore, when my (Dutch) husband was offered a position here. This was a great possibility for me to move back to my home country after being absent for 10 years.

Once settled, I started my search for a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) to assist me with the daily chores.

Hiring a FDW is a very common practice in Singapore as governmental support for childcare or care for the elderly is still marginal and relies heavily on either family or so-called “helpers”. At the same time, it is a good and important opportunity for the FDWs from developing countries to support their families back home and provide for their future.

During my search I had so many disappointing encounters with various Employment Agencies. The level of customer service was appalling and the way most agencies treated domestic workers made my husband and I feel uncomfortable.

Many of our friends in Singapore shared the same frustration as us. From this the idea was born to found Cinderella. From the start I was very confident that there is an opportunity for an employment agency that focuses more on quality than quantity.

So far the response to our initiative has been overwhelming!

Please let our team at Cinderella and I assist you in the best possible way.

Warm regards,

Rosiah van den Hoek, Cinderella

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