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At Trusted Care, we believe that finding the right match for the employer and helper/ caregiver is the key to a successful and pleasant working relationship and we make it our mission to help both parties to have a peace of mind. Our key differentiator is our ability to understand both employers' needs and helpers/ caregivers' aspiration -- with a thorough interview and match-selection system for both parties before any recommendation.  It is our way of contributing to the community through a greater purpose and we will be here when you need us. Our Mission To match and enable a successful and pleasant working relationship between the employer and helper / caregiver. Key Principles         The person(s) receiving help/ care is the priority - at the heart of what we do, we consider who will benefit from the help/ care and will only recommend the most suitable helper/ caregiver.          Think "win-win" and equal partnership - both employers and helpers/ caregivers have needs and are equally important. We consider if employer and helper/ caregiver will be treated fairly when we match needs and experience profiles.         The right guidance and reasonableness of expectations - training is important, especially for helpers/ caregivers. We focus on setting expectations and guidance (job scope, work environment etc.) to help them do their jobs properly. "At the end of the day, if we treat others as how we would treat ourselves and our family, life would be more meaningful whether we are giving or receiving care."

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