• Benefits of handling maid with love
    January 24, 2019
    Benefits of handling maid with love
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    Singapore is the home country for many domestic workers. These domestic workers migrate from their hometowns for a better livelihood. Most of the time, trained and experienced maids are preferred by the employers. It’s been years that media reporting involve more about maid abusing, than their job reforms and legal protection. As a matter of fact, every employer is great with an experienced maid, but our behavior is revealed by the one that lacks competence. It is one of the most absolute facts that people in our surroundings are so busy with their schedules or mobile gadgets, they hardly notice a person sitting beside. We are more connected to our phones than people on our left or right. When an employer hires a domestic worker or helper, usually they expect a lot and there lies a problem. One person is coming to your house as a helper, they need time to adjust and understand your routine. If you want them to perform better in their daily tasks, treat them with love and it has to be real because:

    “Love is the cure”.

    Whenever, it is time to deal with your maid, keep these words in mind and don’t let your anger rule over it. Love is the only language that any living being can understand. Your little act or even a tiny word of kindness/compassion can do the wonder.

    Abusing of maids in Singapore, the lack of protection and everything else has just drawn my attention. It is always depressing to hear about the abusing by employers. As an agency, it is always a duty of the team to bring up the best experienced, licensed and trained maid for the employers. In response, these helpers expect the best behavior and protection that seems vague when they hear this news.

    It is all over in the news, about the women who have been punished because of torturing her maid for the past few years. If you don’t see love a reason to treat your maid better than keep the punishment in mind. There are employers who have been sentenced to years in custody. It is easy to ruin a life of anyone but ultimately, it comes back to you. So, before it is too late, learn some professional and moral conducts to handle your maid with love.

    Simple and Professional Ways to Manage Your Maid in Singapore

    It is no more a daunting task to hire a helper but the hype of violence against them is raising many questions for the countries and partner agencies. However, the government is doing their best by implying severe punishments. Last year, there were multiple reports on abusing a foreign domestic worker. As a society, it is everyone’s duty to make this country safe for a foreigner. Handling the abuse against these helpers, the sentencing framework has changed. Higher penalties and long jail sentencing have been implemented to ensure the less crime in future. Strait Times reported about the change in imposing charges and penalties quoting the chief justice, Kitty Aye Mar Mar, he said:

    “If the maid suffers serious harm, both physically and psychologically, the culprit should be sentenced to between 20 and 30 months’ imprisonment, the report added.”

    Well, it is not a governments or courts responsibility to bring justice or develop reforms to keep foreign workers safe in the country. Employers need to understand their duties and moral responsibility before hiring a maid. So, if you are expecting a maid with best practices and past experience, train yourself too. There is no hard and fast rule to be kind and compassionate. All you need shows love and be professional.  Let’s see the ways to make it all a practical approach for more employers.

    ·        Explain yourself before involving any expectations

    Communicate as much as possible. Take her for a walk on her first day, know about her life and tell about your life and routine. Make a little human connection and things will automatically fall on the right place. Tell her about your expectations regarding any behavior or work. It will not only help her settle in fact, but she can also prepare herself for the upcoming work relevant challenges.

    ·        Be kind

    There is nothing better than being a kind human fellow. She is your maid, but you need to respect her sleep hours and free time. Set out the specific hours for work and respect her rest time. Remember that restful mind will always perform better than anything else. So, her health and the rest is also your responsibility to provide a schedule and make it obvious.

    ·        Discuss Cultural differences

    Avoid any kind of misunderstandings and it is always better to discuss your cultural differences. Some people are quite insensitive about other cultures and discussing it with your maid will help you to cope with them.

    ·        Tell about your preferences

    While you’re expecting her to be perfect in the chores, talk about your own preference. It is the best practice to make your requirements clear. If you are concerned about something or anything that bothers you, just talk about it. She will know about the things to do and avoid.

    ·        Give Proper feedback

    Appreciation and little guidance can be a magical turn in your relationship with a maid. Feedback should be your first priority. This way she would understand work better and appreciation will keep her going with the best performance. Don’t make it all about work, but also appreciate her for the nice behavior too. Tell your children to behave modest and kind. Once she will feel loved and respected, you can see the performance on your own.

    ·        Never Abuse her mentally or physically

    I know life is hard, but it is hard for everyone. You had a bad day or you have issues with your maid, talk about them. Keep it very professional, contact agencies, let her know about the mistakes and don’t make it a personal problem. Avoid any mental or physical abuse, also it is humane and second, it will keep you away from any punishments.

    Summing up:

    Moreover, be cautious before treating your maid with abusing behavior. You might be facing some serious penalties and charges for doing it. On the other hand, save yourself an effort of hate and be a love to make things go smooth and peaceful.