• Carousell is not for maid listings
    November 17, 2018
    carousell is not for maid listings
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    Foreign domestic helpers have been found to be really cooperative, convenient and helpful for most of the Singaporean households. However, strict labor laws and measures have been evoked and taken to ensure the integrity of domestic helpers or maids so they must be treated in a humane manner.

    According to Ministry of Manpower (MOM), maids are not such entities that can be bought or sold even their bio data should be retained in a secret, private and confidential way, and those agents who are putting information of maids listings on Carousell have to face court trials as it’s against the law and order.

    Carousell is a Singaporean online portal that deals in buying and selling of mobile phones, accessories mostly dealing in iPhone and android. This site deals in the trading of tangible items online, however, recently employment agents have been found guilty for advertising the information of maids on Carousell and they have been fined for S$20,000. Erleena Ali is the first one to be prosecuted for putting up advertisements of maids on Carousell and mostly handling Indonesian maids. Since then, putting advertisements on Carousell for maid listing have considered illegal and one who is caught is to be prosecuted by the court.

    For authentic and authorized maid listing, SearchMaid is a more reliable, fast and accurate portal getting famous and renowned for its quality services. SearchMaid has been developed to facilitate the consumers in finding an ideal maid for handling their household. It retains one of the largest databases of maids clustered with listings of varieties and types to suit you. SearchMaid gives you a variety of options to choose your maid of different origins such as:

    • Indonesian Maid
    • Myanmar Maid
    • Indian Maid
    • Bangladeshi Maid
    • Sri Lankan Maid
    • Cambodian Maid
    • Malaysian Maid
    • Fillipino Maid
    • Thai Maid

    SearchMaid also gives you two options to make your account either as a user or as agency which gives you more control in terms of hiring the best maid for your household. Agencies upload and update the database of maid listings of those maids who are reliable and hardworking and can manage your household better than you do. You can make your account and get yourself registered here and get hands on to a good number of maids belonging to various nationalities along with their skill sets suiting your requirements.

    SearchMaid provides you with a full fledge area dedicated to the news and blogs section that gives you enough knowledge on the current norms and ethics of dealing and managing maids. With our online portal you can also find up to date maids’ news which also cover requests and information on ex maids, new maids or maids transfer.

    SearchMaid is the best online portal for searching maid listings as it is a secured way of keeping the information of maid and user private and confidential. It also provides the most accurate and updated data of maid. By logging on to portal you come across a section where the maids’ skillsets have been mentioned. In case you want to hire a maid for just taking care of the children and the elderly in your house then you don’t need to look for a maid who can do grocery and negotiate or bargain for getting things done in your house. You simply have to see the maids available on portal with the desired trait and skill set and can easily filter down your search and save maple of your valuable time.

    If you are a newly wedded couple and starting your own household, then you definitely need to have a skilled and experienced maid who can help you in doing you house chores and managing the other things in your house. For such skillset, the choice of maid is different than the others more educated ones who have to train children and help them in their homework. It allows you to select the best maid that matched your requirements and understands your day to day tasks and provides you with a maid that fits perfectly well in your family.

    It also gives you extensive information on how to train your maid where there are trainings available on making your maid learn the essentials in the best guided manner and Maid training courses in Singapore. Training your maid according to your own will and set of aligned tasks that you perform everyday needs to be performed in the similar way by your maid also, this is kind of edgy and picky task. But with this search tool it is no more a hard nut to crack. You simply have to make your account, get yourself registered on the portal and make your life easier and tension free.