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    June 24, 2019
    Confinement Nanny VS. Foreign Domestic Worker: Finding the right fit
    • Post By: Eugene Chan


    So you’ve recently started a family and you are considering between a maid or a nanny. Searchmaid is here to break down the costs and characteristics of each service type so that you can see which is more suitable for your needs!


    A Confinement nanny is hired to help new mummies care for their newborn during confinement period. The extra help proves invaluable in bridging the transition period of pregnancy and post-delivery, where new mothers require nutritious and well-balanced diet preparation along with sufficient rest to full recuperate. Confinement nannies also aid in taking care of the child’s needs like feeding and cleaning. Nannies do not require a security bond and can be hired for a minimum period of 2 weeks up to 16 weeks and can be engaged through an agency or privately, and their working hours vary from full time stay in or day/night shift. The rates for confinement nannies may differ during festive periods like CNY, normal periods range from $2600 to $2800 for 28 days while the price may increase up to $3500 to $4500 during festive periods. An Angpow is also compulsory for nannies at an average of $200, first half given to them when they are engaged and on the last day with you.


    It is also common for Confinement Nannies to be hired from neighbouring regions like Malaysia, of which a short term work permit needs to be furnished at $30, and a Levy of $265, or $60 dollars if your nanny is a Singaporean citizen. For the short-term work permit, if you are sourcing your nanny through an agency, do check with them if the $30 is included in the fees.


    A maid is able to provide similar care and services in terms of meal preparation and childcare, but a maid is engaged on a more permanent and longer contract basis. Helpers are also almost all foreigners and can only be hired through agencies. Let’s breakdown the costs of hiring a helper in Singapore! Depending on their nationality, their monthly salaries range from $450 to $650 monthly for a contract of up to 24 months (2 years), and since they are foreigners the levy is $265 a month. If you qualify for a concessionary levy, this can be reduced to about $60. Agency fees vary from $1000 to $3000, which includes all the relevant paper work, flights and medical checkups. Helpers with dedicated childcare training can be hired also. Maid insurance ranges from $200 to $400 monthly depending on the Insurance company engaged.



    A comparison between the two service providers generally show that there are some similarities like Levies and services rendered, but there are also a fair bit of differences too. For example with a confinement nanny there will be less of a language barrier and the nurturing of the newborn will also be more in line with our culture, a FDW’s understanding might be a little bit different in this aspect. The benefit of engaging an FDW is that she will be more experienced and willing to complete tasks revolving around household chores like cleaning and washing, but a Nanny may not be willing to perform these as their primary scope of work is to take care of the infant and mother. A helper will also be around for a much longer period of time than a nanny, which means there is more costs involved so it all depends on the type of service you are seeking, if you wish to have someone to care for the baby and mother alone and after the confinement period take things into your own hands then a nanny is recommended. But if you feel like you would like a transition from dedicated infant and mother care to assistance with household chores, then a helper is definitely recommended for you.