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How to manage Filipino Maid?

Maids are the same category of human being as you came from. They have relevant emotions, needs and sometimes share the same interests too. They might have a difference of opinion in managing the housework but that is still not a reason to disregard them anyway. If we all agree with the certain training skills that should be taught to the maid, there should be points highlighted for the employers. A new maid is obviously not so aware of your house rules and other important things. So, it is you have to patient enough while training.  Filipino maids are good and are same as other maids are, so, treat them the same way or maybe more like similar human being.


Common Problem in Filipino Maids

If you look at the most of problems reported against the Filipino maid is Filipino maid’s attitude. It is because they have been trying to fit so hard that they get frustrated often. Their manners and sometimes personal hygiene has also questioned by most of the employers. They also have a problem of setting out the boundaries and hesitate in opening to the employer. So, this is always a complaint about the attitude they have towards the work.  

Solutions to the Problem -Way to Manage Filipino Maid

As you’re hiring a professional and a skilful Filipino after all the authentication and paperwork. Once the process is complete, she is your responsibility, treat her like one. Be considerate and stay humble. Somehow employers are also accountable for the attitude of the maid, either you are going too far from the professional boundaries or you are locking her up in closed boundaries.  If you have some specific rules around, better discuss them at the time of interview. There is no rocket science to manage a maid, you just must be a human and understand that she also has the needs both mentally and regarding health. There are some tips to follow and be the best employer in the town.

How Can The Employer Train a Filipino Maid?

Well, it’s not always the maid but employers too. Don’t put up too much pressure and you can her work better. There are certain things that you should take while training your maid. Remember that, there are specific ways to change someone’s attitude. Initially, get to know her as much as you can, help her to communicate about her issues and try standing with her. Slightly and strategically, following ethical and moral values, one can always change anyone. So, headstrong and try to be in an understanding state.

1.       Be clear about your expectations

This is one of the first steps and it is about your understanding with the maid. So, clear all your expectations from the very first day. The skills you require, the work you want her to do and the rules she must follow should be cleared on a first step. Then move on to other things slowly and with patience.

2.       Understand her basic needs

Try to know her to the core of the personality. She is also human and has sleeping, eating and mental needs. These all are the employers’ duty to understand. If you’re hiring a full-time maid, she’ll get tired, she’ll have a bad day. The best thing is to communicate, ask her about the life, the problems she is facing and everything she knows. The more she’ll involve with family, she’ll perform better, and you’ll have your satisfaction.

3.       Set boundaries from the day one

If you don’t want her to clean your room without your permission or in your absence. Tell her about the boundaries and apply them form the day one. She is supposed to work but you’re the one who must set all the boundaries regarding the work ethics and anything else.

4.       Be consistent

Constantly she and you are learning so, tell her about being good and bad in her work. Tell her the way to improve. Your feedback is valuable to her, it will not only help her with the worth of her work but will also ensure the work done in a right way.

5.       Tell her about your choices

Your preferences are only known to you. She is new and obviously doesn’t know it. So, tell her about your work preferences, the timing of every task, the way to do things and how the work is managed.

6.       Pay incentives or be grateful

Don’t forget to thank her for little things. Sometimes appreciation or small words of gratitude can do the wonders. Yes, these magical words of appreciation can help someone improver faster than anything else. So, be kind, pay incentives, give gifts and take care of her personal needs every now and then. In short, just be the best you can.

7.       Never bully her with words or physically

Don’t hurt her feelings with your brutal words. Just because you had a bad day doesn’t allow you to be rude or unkind. Most importantly be careful about abusing her physically or mentally. This is a crime and strict actions are taken against anyone with these allegations.  

These are simple and easy methods to manage your Filipino maid. They are working in foreign just to make a better living for their families. They are working for your family to serve their families a different lifestyle. Respect their work and be humble with them. Apart from everything, they are kind and quick learners. Therefore, it is quite easy to manage Filipino maids in Singapore.

In any case of failure in these ways, you have a complete right to report but without trying any of these will only lead towards an anger and conflict. We already have all of these in our surroundings. So, this time when you’re about to hire any Filipino maid, try moulding her with love and humbleness. You may know them as different human beings but for once try giving them a chance to be good.

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