• How to manage indonesian maids
    September 01, 2018
    How to Manage Indonesian Maids?
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    Singapore has the largest number of foreign Domestic workers and has set some very important rules to keep the check on employers, agencies and maids. MOM is really putting their team efforts in making things better and to make this industry to benefit everyone. Well, one of the most admired and demanding maids are Indonesians. Maybe it is because of the manners they show or the training they have gone through but people of Singapore prefer Indonesian maids most of the time. If you’re looking for one too, there is a simple guide to follow so you can manage an Indonesian maid in the real better way.

    Some Simple Tips to Manage an Indonesian Maid

    You have been in Singapore for years or maybe a permanent citizen but the one you’re hiring for your help is new in the town. No matter, how much trained or experienced she is, you’ll still need to train her for your own best interests.  

    1.       Help her Settle in

    It’s like a new beginning for her, I think we all have to get a whole new idea when we switch the place even if we know almost everything about our lives. So, it’s time to help someone to settle down, let her know about the basic needs of the house and other things regarding her responsibilities. With that give her some time, don’t expect things too early, not everyone has a tendency to get adapted to things.

    2.       Show her the places around

    She may need to get around the house for her needs or yours so, it is essential to show her nearby markets, parks and all other places. One benefit is that she will get to know more about the country and it will be easy for her to move in and out. Another thing, meanwhile, you may get to know her and she will figure out her employer.

    3.       Get her personal needs right

    You’re hiring her and your responsibility doesn’t end here. You should know her personal needs. Give her little extra attention, ask her, make her talk about the core problems of the life. This way you’ll know her and can get her needs right or just be supportive enough that she can share anything with you if she wants to.

    4.       Train her personally

    Train her on your own. Give her time especially in the beginning. Your helper is not familiar with your house rules and other basic stuff. So, make her the priority for a few days and let her learn. Give the proper time, teach and make her comfortable with you and your family. Once she is convenient and comfortable, she’ll perform great.

    5.       Respect the difference of culture

    Know that your maid is totally from the different culture. She may be familiar with it but not the end extends and another thing is to respect her culture. Ask her religious and cultural sentiments and be careful about them. Don’t hurt someone on this basis.

    6.       Negotiate everything that is essential

    It is your duty to discuss everything in detail before you’re hiring her. You know your requirements and it is better to get them done at the early stage rather than just bargaining about it later. Time to time and end to end negotiation is as important as fulfilling legal formalities. It can save you from any kind of longtime loss.

    7.       Tell her, if something bothers you

    Be straight with her, don’t drag something that is bothering you, and just be clear about your needs in the beginning. It is always better to clear rather than creating a misunderstanding with the silence that may not be useful for anyone.

    However, there is no hard and fast rule or some specific tips to handle the maids’ either they are Indonesian maids or someone else. Just manage them as a human being. They are people from different countries, if they are making some adjustments, you can make your own. Be nice, humble, kind and play your role. Help them learn more and make a good relationship so, they can remember you in good memories. Well, for hiring the Indonesian maids, check out our database. We have updated it recently, you might get the one with your requirements.