• Maid exploitation in singapore   it s time to educate agencies  employers and maids
    February 15, 2019
    Maid Exploitation in Singapore - It's Time to Educate Agencies, Employers & Maids
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    Is it shameful to be a maid? Obviously not, but according to some previous year news and research reports, every other maid is exploited. In December 2017, there was a report published by Straits Times Singapore. The research was carried out by Anja Wessels, who asserted that “three in five maids here are exploited and one in five maids is a victim of forced labor.” However, there were some disagreements on this particular report. Despite that, we can never deny the fact that maids are being exploited in many ways. You can see the ratio of criminal cases against employers that treat their maids miserably. No excuse can justify the act of punishing you helper in a cruel way.

    The problem is that it is not only at the end of employers or maids. Agencies are also exploiting them by implementing flawed hiring systems. However, after all the news and chaos, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has set some rules. The rules are not enough to stop the abuse as it needs a proper system of check and balance.

    Moreover, the responsibility of taking the whole system of hiring until the maids working scenario, all stakeholders need to learn better things. Maids need training, the employer should behave professional and agencies are required to plan their strategies to facilitate both employers and maids. It will help everyone to meet the needs and exploitation will remain in control. So, there are things to learn for everyone and here is the little guide for all the parties and they should act in a certain way to avoid any hard consequences.

    How to educate employers, maids, and agencies?

    We have listened to many courses and above all social media is playing a vital role but it has its own drawbacks. But there is always a solution to every problem and you need to stick to them.

    Maids Should Know Their Boundaries

    It is important to keep the drive of integrity. It is something that should be possessed by everyone and make earth a better place to live. However, social media is quite powerful these and it can help in educating these parties to lead in the right way. Apart from that, the courses are there to join. There are many institutions training helpers to perform better in their jobs.

    Employers Should Behave In A Professional Way

    Similarly, employers should have some basic sense of dealing with the helpers. It is not always the maid's fault but your harsh behavior can have a deadly effect too. Communication skills and never forget to appreciate your maids. They are just hungry for respect and love, you offer them affection, and they will do anything for you. In order to prevent any other consequences from the legal court, you should deal with professionally. There are chances of mishaps like theft or abusive behavior with an older or children of the family. Report these helpers to the authorities and register the complaint.

    Before you hire them, keep in mind about all the rules and regulations. Work permit, contact details, experience and keep the copy of important documents with you. Never hire someone without work permit no matter, how perfect they sound for the job. Contact through agencies or individual ensure the safety of her and your house before a final decision.

    Role of Agencies in the Complete Process

    Agencies are the main party between a maid and employer. At the time of hiring, you need to strategies process in a way that should provide the complete background of a maid. Ask them questions to assess their abilities and ensure their knowledge about the chores. Define them into a category and make it easy for employers to choose an ideal helper for their house.

    Still, the agencies need to learn a few things, they should learn the business and human ethics. Your morality is all about providing the best quality services. Don’t make it all about money or profit, lead with a good example, provide protection to both employers and maids. It is the only way to ensure best and high-quality services and stay on the top.

    In the end, it is all about humanity. Anyone deserves to be treated as a human being. No one should face abusive behavior. Respect each other, communicate your problems and find out a solution for your problems. A positive attitude from 3 of them can help us reduce cases about maid abuse, theft, and all other happenings. Stay positive and show affection!!