• 5 tips to inform your maid for newly born baby
    September 17, 2019
    Must Read for Mummy :5 Tips to inform your Maid for Newly Born Baby
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    1. Is your maid skilled to administer first aid in times of emergency?


    It's really important for helper who are usually the 1st point of contact to basic knowledge of dealing with children emergency when owners are not around or reachable.

    1. Enrol her in a first-aid course, particularly focus on baby related matters like choking or cpr.

    2. Save your contact number in quick dial, as well as the contact numbers of anyone else she can call in an emergency should she be unable to get through to you, displayed in a prominent place. Also include Singapore emergency numbers on this list such as:

    - Emergency Ambulance and Fire: 995

    - Police Emergency: 999

    3. One of the most important things to tell your maid when looking after your baby is to inform her about the hospital closest to your house and how to get there, should the need to take your child to hospital arise and how to call for a taxi or ambulance.


    2. Educate good hygiene habits 


    Instruct your maid on all hygiene matters that are important when dealing with children and also educate them that baby in clean environment has a weaker immune system compared to their country environment:

    1. Ensure that baby is always clean and diapers are changed as swiftly as possible, to prevent nasty nappy rash or UTI from developing.

    2. Ensure proper hand cleaning is done when helper is to touch or handle the children.

    3. Ensure strict hygiene with baby's food, including baby can’t drink tap water.


    3. Ensure she watch out your baby sleep routine


    If you are entrusting your maid with caring for your newborn baby, do emphasize the fact that newborns are very fragile.

    such as:

    *monitoring the temperature in his/her room;

    *ensuring there are no pillows or blankets that he/she could pull over his/her head;

    *watch out for any discomfort or rashes

    *laying your baby flat on his/her back while sleeping;

    *correct swaddling techniques, etc.

    *don’t overfeed the baby

    *ensure a proper sleeping timing for the baby


    4. Instruct her to be alert at all times


    If your maid will be looking after your baby daily while you are away at work or running errands, she needs to be alert about things such as your baby's temperature, poo and urine output, behaviour, etc.

    If she notices a change in any of these things, do tell her to inform you as soon as possible.

    Your maid should also be conscientious about things like age-appropriate foods for your baby, foods that may cause an allergic reaction in your child, etc.


    5. Is your maid responsible?


    Is your maid willing to chat on the phone only after 8pm when all the home owners are back?

    Is she willing to wake up in middle of the night, lost of sleep to look after the baby?

    Is she willing to do daily cleaning up for baby related matters?

    Can she handle crying baby on a daily basis? 


    Hiring interview is very important, so communication and taking time for the interview is very crucial. Do ensure that you pay notice on the maid experiences, age and also character and also do communicate clearly the jop scope for the helper. As being a baby nanny for home owners is very taxing, on top so some of the household chores. Home owners will need to set a realistic expectation on the performance of their helper based also on their paid salary and experiences.


    Article written by : Searchmaid Bobby Yeoh