• Respect your maids privacy
    July 08, 2019
    Respect Your Maid Privacy - Maid Privacy
    • Post By: Felicia Beth

    Respect Your Maid's Privacy

    Singapore is one of the countries that allow low privilege people to work and earn respectfully. However, some of the people are abiding ethical values when it comes to respecting the privacy of a maid. They are your helpers, and you should be considerate towards their boundaries, there is no justification of any man disrespecting a maid at any level. You hire them for the help you need around the house, but news of abusing and then breaching the basic ethics of privacy are outrageous.

    What should you know about the privacy of a maid? 

    Maids or domestic helpers are the same individuals like us. The way our own time matters even if we are spending it with our children, their privacy is also equal either they are taking a nap or shower. Privacy is to give them their personal space and not interrupt them in any way. They do daily tasks for you and manage your house sometimes, even in your absence. The one thing that you can provide them in return is respect, safety, and privacy. We live in an era where feminism is chanted all the time, yet we fail to practice moral values in our daily lives. So, before you go out in social gathering and be a respectful person, try to help your maid feel safe at your home.

    Why maids deserve full respect?

    Do you realize that there is something wrong with this question? Yes, why do we even need to ask such questions? Every person deserves respect and showing it towards your maid can be more empathetic. They are your helpers, and you pay them for carrying out the tasks you require them to do. You can at least assure that they are safe from any filthy behaviors. They deserve respect because they are the same individual people who are paid for their work. If you are a working woman, you won’t like your boss harassing you. So, choose the same respect for your maids that you will have for your self. These kinds of news are taking the country towards doom. To stop this, you need to stand for the betterment, and we all know that charity begins at home.

    There is no need to teach because you can start setting examples by teaching your children to respect the women, especially the one that is helping you around the house. You should teach them to be at their best behavior, and if the man of the house needs to learn this, teach a lesson to him too. Fundamental ethical values should be prepared to everyone, and your children can be the one setting example for the new and respectful world.

    What can you do to respect the privacy of your maid?

    If a helper has to be conscious of her privacy all the time, what is the point of working at your home? Be aware of the attitude of other people at your home. The wife can protect her maid from the man of the house, either they are your children or husband, you should know the way to keep a close eye on their shady attitude. Maids come from another country to earn a respectful amount of money so, they can help their family back in the town. If you are not going to treat them with the best behavior, then you may not deserve a helper by your side. 

    They are like expats, show them your affection, so when they leave, they should talk good about you instead of any police complaint chasing your man down. Don’t ever let that happen to anyone. If you didn’t stand for such things now, you are setting quite nightmare examples for your generation. 

    Punishments for breaching the privacy of your maid

    Recently the man is convicted for violating the privacy of a maid by filming her in the shower. The officer was off-duty, and the moment he was arrested, they suspended him. Now following the conviction, it is said that proper action will be taken against him for rupturing the modesty of women (including his sister in law who discovered the camera hidden in a bottle). So, before you act, be aware of the consequences. Disrespecting someone is not going to bring back any respect for you in return.  


    Ladies of the house can play a vital role in saving someone’s privacy. Maids are living at your home, but it doesn’t allow you to be brutal or cruel to them in any way or you will have to face the charges.