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    April 30, 2019
    Take Back Your Time: Hire Best Maid in Singapore
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    How to hire the Best Maid in Singapore

    Choosing a maid can be a tough task since not only are you bringing someone new to your home, but you are also making them responsible for your family's well-being. As a result, the demand for foreign maids is increasing in Singapore and, in most of the cases; you may not have any other option than to hire outside of your network. To choose the best maid in Singapore you need to consider the following points as they are the most important aspects to consider when hiring a new maid.

    How to Find a Maid in Singapore

    You can hire a maid by using links and channels, with the most common being through maid agencies or direct hires. Maid agencies will cost you several thousand dollars but they will usually take care of all the costs associated with getting your maid set up in your home. Direct hires are good for people who already have a particular maid in mind through an introduction and want to save on the agency fees. However, while direct hires are cheaper, you will still be responsible for all associated costs of hiring and transporting your maid so it may not be the most recommended option.

    How to Pick the Right Maid in Singapore

    So either you have decided to hire a made through a maid agency or doing a direct hire by using personal links, short-listing the list by applying some several criteria will make choosing the right maid easier. There are 243,000 foreign domestic workers in Singapore currently, and many more applying to maid agencies every day. This makes a lot of available maids to choose from, especially since there is no way of knowing which one actually possesses the right skills and personality. Yet, there are a number of things you can do to simplify your maid search, including understanding the industry's demographics and wages, knowing which skills you want from a maid and taking the proper precautions against possible abuses.

    Important Statistics About Maid demographics

    The demographics of foreign maids in Singapore are as such: around 52% are from Indonesia, 30% are from the Philippines, 15% are from Myanmar and the rest are from other countries including Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and India. While the maids advertised on the agency websites are immediately available, you should be aware of current and future laws and legislation from abroad banning new foreign domestic workers from entering Singapore. This is currently the case with Indonesia, Malaysia and temporarily with the Philippines, limiting the number of new maids coming into the market and making the hiring process more competitive with less choice.

    Some preventative measures when choosing your maid

    There are preventative measures you must take when employing a maid, regardless of where to find her to work. Always use a reputable maid agency and making sure she is legally allowed to work in Singapore is the first the thing you should confirm about her to making sure she will be a safe fit for your family. Knowing what qualities you want in your maid is also important, whether it is culture, language skills, training and level of experience, as this will increase your chances of getting along with your helper. You can also check the Ministry of Manpower's website for maids who were blacklisted or complained about to make sure you are not hiring someone who has committed crimes against their previous employers.

    Once you have finally found the best maid, you must maintain a proper employer-employee relationship to reduce potentially life-altering risks. You have to understand and follow the Government regulations for proper employer work ethic by giving your maid some holidays, paying her the legal wage regularly, giving her proper medical insurance and understanding that she is also a human who requires basic human rights. At the same time, you should properly research, as you are paying a high wage, so you have to make sure that she is well equipped with all the skills and training as mentioned in her profile.