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How To Hire A Indian Maid In Singapore

India is one of the countries that have been authorized by the Singaporean Ministry of Manpower to provide domestic workers. For many Singaporean families though, the idea of hiring a foreign domestic worker may seem tedious and hectic. But if you know how the process works, then it becomes very easy.

In case you are planning to hire a foreign domestic worker for the first time, there are three options you can explore. You can either hire an Indian maid that has never worked in Singapore before, hire those that are already in Singapore by transferring them from a different employer to your employment, or hire an FDW who has worked in Singapore before but has since left.

How to Hire an Indian Maid? 

As we have indicated above, there are three options that you can explore when you want to hire an Indian maid in Singapore.

We are going to break down what you need to do in order to explore any of these options:

  • Hiring an FDW who has never worked in Singapore - The first step is to apply for a work permit with the Ministry of Manpower. You are also encouraged to attend an employer’s orientation program to help you better understand the various processes in hiring FDWs and the legal and financial expectations you need to meet. The program can be offered online too.
  • Transferring an FDW from a different employer - If you want to hire a foreign domestic worker who’s already working for another employer in Singapore, you will need to submit a work permit application to the Ministry of Manpower. The application must also include a letter of consent from the FDW’s current employer.
  • Hiring returning FDWs – you can also hire Indian maids Singapore who were already employed in Singapore before but left. You will need to submit a work permit application with the Ministry of Manpower and wait.

There are also other important things you must do in all these three cases. Other than the application of the work permit, you should also set a $5,000 security bond, get medical insurance cover for the foreign domestic worker, get personal accident insurance for the FDW, and in cases of transfer, you must get an in-principle agreement from the Ministry of Manpower that will state the date of transfer.

What to Do Next After the Arrival of the FDW

Once the Indian maid arrives in Singapore, as an employer you need to ensure that they make a smooth transition to the life in the country.

Here are some things you can do:

  • If the FDW is a first timer in the country, send her to a settling-in program. This should be done within three working days after she arrives.
  • All FDWs who arrive must be subjected to medical exams within 14 days after they touch down in Singapore.
  • The work permit should also be issued before the work begins. You can request for the issuance at the Ministry of Manpower as long as you made the application.
  • Ensure that the FDW has also reported to a MOM center where her photo and fingerprint will be taken for card registration. The card will be ready in 4 business days.


Medical exams offered under the MOM guidelines of hiring FDWs may not be enough. If you feel that the Indian maid needs more checkups, you can arrange for this in a different health facility.


Hiring an Indian maid in Singapore does not need to be a painful experience. As you can see, the process is very simple and straightforward. If you need to know more about FDWs, you can visit SearchMaids.com for more details.

Employing a Indian maid - General fees guide

Agency Fee for a New Indian Maids $888.00
Agency Fee for an Experienced Indian Maid $988.00
Work Permit Application 1st Medical Checkup and X-ray India EC Processing Transportation E-Issue to MOM $30 $60 $200 $80 $30
Settling-in Program (SIP) $75 for New; $0 for Experienced
Replacement – 6 months (Excluding India EC Processing, SIP, and Insurance & BG) UNLIMITED ($400 Processing for Each Replacement)
Accident and Hospitalization Insurance Plus Banker's Guarantee of $5,000 (Non-Transferable) $246.10
Optional – Indemnity Insurance Excess $250 $53.50
TOTAL FEE FOR NEW Indian Maid $1,662.60

*Fees for Transfer Indian Maids

Agency Fee $1,498.00
Work Permit Application $30
E-Issue to MOM $30
Replacement – 6 months (Excluding SIP and Insurance and BG) UNLIMITED ($60 Processing Fee per Replacement)
Accident and Hospitalization Plus Banker's Guarantee of $5,000 (Non-Transferable) $246.10
Optional – Indemnity Insurance Excess $250 $533.50
TOTAL FEE FOR TRANSFER Indian Maid $1,857.60

* Above fees and price is a general guide. Each maid agency fees and charges are different.



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