MARIA V OSE WATO Shortlist + Download PDF


Preferred Rest Days: 0 rest days per month

She worked in Singapore from year 2015 to 2018. She took care of children 7 years old (girl) and twins 9 years old (boys). Grandfather and grandmother stay together with employer and they are healthy. She also did general housework and cooking. She hand wash some of the clothes. She can cook chinese food (curry, soup, fried rice, pork, soya sauce chicken, fried vegetable).

She can speak english. She is able to read the children's text book. She can only speak little mandarin but she understand mandarin.

After working in Singapore for 3 years, she decide to go back home to see her parents and take a rest before her next job in Singapore.

  • Ref. Code

  • Type

    Ex Maid
  • Preferred Rest days per month

    0 rest days per month
  • Maid Agency

    Oscar Maids Pte Ltd
  • Available

  • Nationality

  • Date of Birth

    21-07-1991 (over 27 years)
  • Place of Birth

  • Siblings

    1 of 4
  • Height / Weight

    155cm / 48kg
  • Relegion

  • Marital Status

  • Children

  • Children Ages

  • Education

    High School (10~12 yrs)
  • Language Skill

    English (0 yrs/0 mon)
    Mandarin/Chinese-Dialect (0 yrs/0 mon)
    Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia (0 yrs/0 mon)
  • Skills

    Care for Disabled (0 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: No
    Care for Elderly (0 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes
    Care for Infant/Children (0 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes
    Cooking (0 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes
    General Housework (0 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes
  • Other Information

    Able to handle pork? Tick
    Able to eat pork? Tick
    Able to handle beef? Tick
    Able to care dog/cat? Tick
    Able to do gardening work? Tick
    Able to do simple sewing? Tick
    Willing to wash car? Tick
    Willing to work on off days with compensation? Tick
  • Working Experience

    All Countries (3 yrs/ 0 mon)


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  • Email

    [email protected]
  • Website

  • Address

    Blk 203 Hougang St 21 #01-57 Singapore 530203, #01-57, , 530203
  • Opening Hour

    Weekday 11am to 8pm Weekend & Public Holiday 11am to 6pm

  • Tel

    +65 6584 0408
  • Fax

    +65 6584 0408
  • Contact

    Susan +65 8821 5709
  • Ea personnel

    Susan R1222640