Mary Jane Andes Faustino
Mary Jane Andes Faustino
Preferred Rest Days: 0 rest days per month

Mary Jane is 38 years old married has 2 children 19 & 14 years old that stay in the province of La Union. She finished 4 years in secondary education and youngest among 4 siblings.She manage employer house independently and has a perfect housekeeping,laundry and good in ironing. In addition she able to do baking,make pastry,cakes & bun.With her experience as domestic helper very motherly type of person, simple,hardworking, very indepedent and can follow instructions & her streght naturally talent to bond with the children and she is genuinely interested,very loving,patient and devoted with her work and to assure  to have meals for the family.She had shown a strong ethic and always eager to fulfill her responsibilties to her employer satisfaction.

Employment Background / Experience:

1st employer 17.07.2013 - 01.04.2015 worked 7 member chinese familyas 2 children 2 & 3 yrs old live in HDB flat

  • Taking care of the 2 children prepare school needs,prepare meals,snacks and send too & flo,
  • Do managing housekepping,laundry,ironing
  • Assist children for achool activities,bring htem to the playground to paly,go swimming
  • Contract end 2 years by then recommend to work for family member again

2nd employer {same family}from 01.04.2015 - 15.07.2016 chinese family live in HDB  and bedridden grandfather has 1 child and her employer provide reference letter to let potential employer shown good worker.

  • Manage house keeping,laundry,ironing cooking,marketin,groceries
  • Cooking,marketing,laundry
  • Taking care of grandfather,assist with daily needs,preparing mealds,do feeding,bathing and changing clothes and diapers
  • Reason for leaving as family can;t afford the levy & salary (family matters financial issue)

3rd employer 15.07.2016 -04.10.2017 worked for Russian family 4 member family live in a condo 4 bedrooms & 2 toilets

  • Taking care infant & 2 yrs old (prepare daily needs of the kids
  • Manage house keeping,laundry,marketing & groceries
  • Cooking
  • Reason for leaving employer leaving for good

4th employer 28.10.2017 - 02.12.2017 Worked for Chinese family 4 member family 3 storey landd house

  • Manage house keeping, cleaning,laundry and ironing
  • Marketing & purchasing house hold items
  • Cooking meals for the family
  • Reason for leaving unable work change enviroment (keep scholding & use vugarwords

5th employer 12.2017 till at present worked Zecheck  couple 2 children ages 3 & 10 yrs old live in 3storey landed house> In addition her present employer had given a testimonial letter where able to testify with her work performance

  • Cooking western food ,marketing & goes for groceries
  • Manage house chores cleaning fron 1st level till 3rd level vacumming,poloshing all furnitures,swepping floor
  • Baking,cookies,bread,pastry & nuts
  • Reason for leaving for good ( back to their country)

Mary Jane strenght is caring infant or grown-up children,clean and concern about higine.

Available anytime to attend face to face interview. Contact Shirley 82015993 for prior arrangement

Ref. Code WAN/3170
Place of Birth La Union
Type Transfer
Siblings 4 siblings youngest in the family
Preferred Rest 0 rest days
Height 156cm
Weight 59kg
Maid Agency Wandee Recru...
Date of Birth 13-12-1980
Age 39 Years
Nationality Filipino
Marital Status Married
Available Release Mid. Dec
Religion Christian
Children 2
Children Ages 2 (age 19 & 14 yrs old)
Education Secondary level (8~9 yrs)
Langauge Skill
English (0 yrs/0 mon) Stars 5
Language Observations
Care for Disabled (0 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes Stars 1
Care for Elderly (0 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes Stars 4
Care for Infant/Children (6 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes Stars 5
Cooking (6 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes Stars 5
General Housework (6 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes Stars 5
Other Information
Able to handle pork?
Able to eat pork?
Able to handle beef?
Able to care dog/cat?
Able to do gardening work?
Able to do simple sewing?
Willing to wash car?
Willing to work on off days with compensation?
Working Experience
Singapore (6 yrs/ 0 mon)
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