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Rinzin Agency
Preferred Rest Days: 2 rest days per month

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I have been bringing in North East Indian helpers since 2005
They called me father of North East Indian girls :)

They listen to me and it is easier to manage them when they listen.
Like our children, they listen to teachers more than parent,
Maids they listen to Agent more than employers

We use this psychological tool to manage them, we are like your HR and a social worker to them and we counsel and condition their mindset of a helper where freedom is limited not like other work sector

I am serving the expat Indian community here and 80% are vegetarian families. I proudly served them well.:)

I have been a maid agent since 2005 and have done almost 5 thousands maids

To many local employers there is not much choice - mainly Filipino and Indonesian and now Myanmar

Mainly from North East India - many agent are not able to handle them, and their parent won't just sent their daughter to overseas

I was there in 2005 and regularly visit there to secure a good network and trust of the community. 

With the advance of internet now a day many new agencies just pick up maid from there thru internet and some girl who they approach to recommend them their friend, they don't really have a good background check.

Girls from Manipur which is near the Myanmar and India border are simple like Indonesian and Filipino way back in 1990 when I employed maid. 

One thing good is they speaks English and their population here is small and we can manage them better and also many wiling no off day.

We only promote those who passport are ready and they can come within 10 days upon MOM approval. 

North Eastern Indian maids has 3 very distinct ethnic group

Near Myanmar border are the Manipur like the Myanmar Chin people and mainly Christian

Near Nepal in Darjeeling and Sikkim like the Nepalese mainly Hindi and Buddhist and some Christian

Near China border like the Tibetan from Arunachal and Himachal Pradesh and Ladhak who are mainly Buddhist

Whatsapp 9773-7409 
Ricky owner of Rinzin Agency

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Place of Birth -
Type Transfer
Siblings -
Preferred Rest 2 rest days per month
Height 1cm
Weight 50kg
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Date of Birth -
Age 0 Years
Nationality Indian
Marital Status Married
Available 2 Weeks
Religion Hindu
Children Ages
Education Secondary level (8~9 yrs)
Langauge Skill
Language Observations
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Able to handle pork?
Able to eat pork?
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