How To Hire A Myanmarese Maid In Singapore

Foreign domestic workers can play a central role in lifting the pressure of having to balance between work commitments and household tasks. In the recent years, the number of Singaporean families hiring foreign domestic workers has grown and the Ministry of Manpower has already created supportive frameworks and guidelines designed to help Singaporeans make the most out of the services offered by FDWs.

However, you still need to choose a reliable maid that will meet your needs.

There are many factors you will have to consider and in this article, we are going to break them down for you:

Attributes to Look for in a Maid

Your choice of a Myanmarese maid in Singapore will depend on the kind of needs you have. These needs will then influence the kind of attributes you will want to see in a domestic worker.

Here are some of the tips you can use to pick the right maid for your needs:

  • Caring for children - If you are hiring a foreign domestic worker to help you take care of the children, then you need someone mature and patient enough to get along with the kids. The FDW must also be able to communicate with you in a language that you can understand. This is very important because your instructions as to how you want your children taken care off must be very clear. If you can get an FDW that has done this kind of job before, it will be a big plus.
  • Care for the elderly - If you want to hire a domestic worker to take care of an elderly person, you will need to look for attributes of maturity and patience too. The maid must also be physically strong in cases where the elderly person may need to be moved. It’s also important that the FDW speaks a language that the person she is taking care off can understand. And if she has any experience in taking care of elderly people, that would be a plus.
  • Domestic chores - There are many families that hire FDWs for general domestic chores. A quick learner will come handy. The FDW should also know how to use basic appliances at home. They should also communicate in a language that you understand.

Safety Measures for FDWs

Once you bring in a Myanmarese maid to work at home, it’s your responsibility to ensure that they are safe.

Here are some tips for the employer:

  • Because many Myanmarese maids will be new to Singapore, make sure they’ve attended the settling-in program that’s offered by the Ministry of Manpower. Here she will learn her rights and responsibilities, the risk of working in high rise buildings and the conditions of her permit.
  • You must also endeavor to provide training and coaching for the Myanmarese maid as soon as they arrive. There could be so many things the maids don’t know yet but a quick guide can help them learn and you should offer more help when needed.
  • Ensure that you provide proper upkeep for the maid. You must also fulfill all the financial obligations that come with hiring a Myanmarese maid.


It’s very likely that the domestic worker you hire may lack the knowledge or skills to use modern household appliances. Do not assume that they know. Do not also be surprised if they don’t. Try and teach them though.


Getting the best Myanmarese maid in Singapore that meets your needs is easy. The diversity of FDWs out there is quite good and it’s possible to get the perfect match for all your needs. You are welcomed to visit SearchMaid.com to learn more.

Employing a Myanmarese maid - General fees guide

Agency Fee for a New Myanmarese Maids $888.00
Agency Fee for an Experienced Myanmarese Maids $988.00
Work Permit Application 1st Medical Checkup and X-ray Myanmar EC Processing Transportation E-Issue to MOM $30 $60 $200 $80 $30
Settling-in Program (SIP) $75 for New; $0 for Experienced
Replacement – 6 months (Excluding Myanmar EC Processing, SIP, and Insurance & BG) UNLIMITED ($400 Processing for Each Replacement)
Accident and Hospitalization Insurance Plus Banker's Guarantee of $5,000 (Non-Transferable) $246.10
Optional – Indemnity Insurance Excess $250 $53.50
TOTAL FEE FOR NEW Myanmarese Maid $1,662.60
TOTAL FEE FOR EXPERIENCED Myanmarese Maid $1,687.60

*Fees for Transfer Myanmarese Maid

Agency Fee $1,498.00
Work Permit Application $30
E-Issue to MOM $30
Replacement – 6 months (Excluding SIP and Insurance and BG) UNLIMITED ($60 Processing Fee per Replacement)
Accident and Hospitalization Plus Banker's Guarantee of $5,000 (Non-Transferable) $246.10
Optional – Indemnity Insurance Excess $250 $533.50
TOTAL FEE FOR TRANSFER Myanmarese Maid $1,857.60

* Above fees and price is a general guide. Each maid agency fees and charges are different.



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