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Why most Singaporeans prefer SearchMaid on netmaid?

When there is a need, people become more critical to every little detail. It is actually necessary especially when it’s about the house. Singapore has served FDW in a best way but the question is, are we serving employers right? Well, they land on one of the most famous websites and it’s all complicated, it took more than it should and now you’re exhausted. That’s why today we are here to tell you that why SearchMaid is better than netmaid. These two platforms have same objective and apparently should serve in a same way. It is not the case, SerachMaid has been performing quite better because of its user-friendly features.

Let’s not brag about anything and help you find the answer by yourself. Below mentioned is the little comparison between SearchMaid and netmaid, go through and decide who is better in serving user.



Common Features That Makes Search Maid a User-Friendly Platform

Some of the common features that are not only requirement of the user. In fact it is feasible for them to conveniently go through the whole website and find the best suitable maid or agency.


User Interface Design:

Talking about Search Maid, it has one of the best user interface, which is not only eye appealing but has tendency to make a user go through the website. Obviously when you have an eye catching interface, people would love to discover it more. Whereas, net maid has a dull interface which makes user get tired easily and they fed up with the exhausting method of research. So, Searchmaids provided better performance and takes very less time to be explored through the whole procedure form shortlisting to the decision.


Live Chat:

People are sometime really bad in taking quick decisions so side helps work better. Live Chat feature of SearchMaid helps you contact the team and to choose the best choice. While net maid has no such option. We all know that better connection builds the best organizations. That is the reason of SearchMaid being the top of the platforms for hiring maids in Singapore. You can ask any questions to the support team and they will help you till the end. Therefore, feel free to clear your concerns before you leave without making any decision. Guidance can be the best help rather than leaving it behind.



If you’re a permanent user and frequently needs a maid, we have an option to save your profile by simply login in to our database. Wait, do netmaid is providing this feature? No, it doesn’t allow a user login. So, it’s another feature that makes a very prominent difference and help you choose the best one. Even if you’re one time use, login can still help you keeping your record for future use or in any case you need it.


Auto Payment Subscription (Credit card):

It’s busy routine and no one has enough time to go and pay cash to the agencies. So, SearchMaid has made it convenient by providing online payment facility through the credits card. You can feasibly pay by subscribing to auto payment subscription. Netmaid don’t have this feature of online and auto payment subscription via credit card, so it is actually disappointing and time taking for busy clients. Basically, this feature has saved the time of many.


Managing Visitors Profiles:

Visitor profile is not an easy task to manage but the efficient algorithms of SearchMaid is handling multiple user logins and their profiles at the same time. People can see messages, shortlist agencies and maids. They can also keep the record of hiring or interviewing. Other than that user can chat with multiple agencies simultaneously. Netmaid has no such facility for their use and it’s almost boring to indulge in a system without management.

However, it was a brief difference between two platforms. Remember that user-friendliness of any website is more essential then anything. SearchMaid is not proving all above mentioned features but it also provides latest updates on the maid’s bio and their agencies. Choose the ease and feasibility to get better results and enjoy the best features for hiring a maid for your house in Singapore.