• These solutions will make your connection stronger with your house helper
    November 20, 2018
    These Solutions Will Make Your Connection Stronger With Your House Helper
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    Having a helper at home is a compromising moment for the lady of the house. She has given her house into the hands of someone else and for that, it is very critical that she trust her. The house helper has become the necessity of everyone’s life to manage their chores and save time. There are some issues that both of you go through and do not know how to overcome them. We are presenting you with some of the solutions that will ease up things for you.

    • You may have a thought that your maid spends too much time on a single task, thus, losing the cycle on other areas. Everyone has a different approach towards work. Your last maid may be working more effectively and this one is a bit time consuming, but you must give her some time so that she could understand and then come up with the improvement process. Tell her that she has done better by appreciating her work instead of criticizing her or being sarcastic.

    • Always provide your maid with the precise instructions instead of the vague ones. Inform her about cleaning the kitchen by explaining that what areas do you want her to clean and take care of. If she is having trouble in completing her tasks, then ask her to make a list of things-to-do. Later, when she gets done with her work, give her a feedback.

    • Just like it is odd for you to adjust to the new person in your house, it is also difficult for the maid to feel relaxed within the new household. You have to take care of her basic necessities as well including food. She might not be used to eating the kind of food that you people eat, thus, provide her space for that.
      She has come to the foreign land to earn some money and maybe thinks about her family. It will be considerate of you to care about her emotions and have a chat about them so that she feels easy. If possible, then make her call her family.

    • Family is consisting of people with distinctive attitudes; therefore, it will be a bit tricky for her to deal with every one of them. Speak to her and ask her views on that, help her to come up with the different people in the family and tell her about their preferences.

    • It is a natural habit of maids to ask about your internal matters and about your family issues. It depends on you that how much you want to involve her in such matters. If you feel like that she must mind her own business, and then tell her that in a sitting. Enlighten her about the fact that you do not feel comfortable with that someone taking interest in your matters. That way, she will have a clear message of minding her own business.

    • Looking after the children or older parents could be a bit frustrating for the maid. She may get fed up with her daily routine, this is why, and she does not feel like talking in a good way or anything else. Sit with her and discuss this issue. If you see that she is getting physical or orally irritating, then contact the respective agency. If she is given the warning and she still does not change her way, then change her as soon as possible.

    • No one tolerates the odd habits and we even do not want these habits from our family members, this is why, if your maid acts like that, then immediately point it out. She may have some habits that are unbearable by you and your family. She may speak so loudly or in a rude way, eats improperly, tell her to change herself in a polite manner instead of being uncouth.

    • It is crucial that you must have an idea about the person who is living with you day and night. The best way to do that is by being some way friendly with them and asking about their background. Share some of your stories too, so that she feels like connected. Take her out somewhere so that she feels relaxed too. Raise your respect in her eyes with your acts because that way you can show her that you care for her. Moreover, that way, she will open up more in front of you.

    • If she has made some mistake, then analyze it before being harsh on her. If the mistake is of a general nature that could happen with you too, then let it go with a warning. This way, you can give her confidence to not to hide any mistake instead coming to you and confess herself. Address the mistake and ask her to be more responsible next time. Check out related blog post

    • Giving a little free hand is not a bad thing until and unless you are keeping your eyes open. We can give her space to know more of her ideas. She may not be that open because the agencies tell them to wait for the instructions from the hirers. So, you can make them a free by setting a standard of a few rules that they have to follow straightly.

    • Using a phone during house chores is not allowing for the maid in any way. You must clear thing rule to her that she cannot use the phone when she is only duty. If any emergency occurs, then it is an exceptional case. She must only be allowed to use the phone when she is on break or on the off hours/ days. When she is using the phone in her off timings, then you must not disturb her.

    • A house helper is away from her home and if something happens there, this will definitely affect her too. This is reason that you must understand that and help her in overcoming that situation. It could be about grief or happiness. Listen to her if she wants to share anything or wants to speak her heart out.

    These are some of the ways through which you can make your maid to perform efficiently and in a proper way by being part of your house.