How To Hire A Indonesian Maid In Singapore

Hiring a foreign domestic worker (FDW) is a huge decision. You need to contemplate carefully before you come to a decision. Among the many fundamental factors that you should consider is the country that your FDW will come from.

Remember that you will only be able to hire an FDW from countries that have been approved by Singapore's Ministry of Manpower. The approved countries include Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Indonesian maids are a popular choice for Singaporeans as certain stereotypes have been developed through the years. Although the stereotypes are not always accurate, they help employers in making a decision when hiring a maid to help them with household chores.

Reasons Why Indonesian Maids Are Favored By Singaporean Employers

Indonesian maids are popular choices in Singapore for many reasons. Each employer has a different opinion and reason for hiring an Indonesian maid. Singaporeans hire maids from Indonesia because of the following qualities that they possess:

  • Work Attitude – Indonesian maids work very hard for a living. They are in demand within the country because they have proved themselves to be extremely hardworking and dedicated when it comes to household chores.


  • Food Choice and Religion – Singaporeans who are Muslims hire Indonesians as their domestic helpers because most of them are also Muslims. Employers know that it is a lot easier to live in one roof with an FDW that shares the same belief as them.


Another thing is dietary practices between the Muslim maid and the employer. Both don't eat pork, which means the maid can easily prepare food that the employer will consume. Indonesian maid’s cooking and taste are close and accepted by Singaporeans. They can also cook spicy dishes. More than 90% of Indonesian maids don’t have any problem working for a non-muslim family. They can prepare non-muslim food like pork but don’t eat it themselves.

  • Communication – Although Indonesian maids are not excellent when it comes to speaking English, Singaporeans have noticed that they're easy going and well-behaved. Generally, ex maids and transfer maids can speak basic English and some local Chinese dialect like hokkien that they have learnt from their previous employer. Indonesians don’t need a visa to travel to Malaysia or Thailand, which is very good if you want to bring your maid along for neighboring trips.


Employing a Indonesian maid - General fees guide

*Fees for New and Experienced Indonesian Maids

Agency Fee for a New Indonesian Maid $888.00
Agency Fee for an Experienced Indonesian Maid $988.00
Work Permit Application 1st Medical Checkup and X-ray Indonesia EC Processing Transportation E-Issue to MOM $30 $60 $200 $80 $30
Settling-in Program (SIP) $75 for New; $0 for Experienced
Replacement – 6 months (Excluding Indonesia EC Processing, SIP, and Insurance & BG) UNLIMITED ($400 Processing for Each Replacement)
Accident and Hospitalization Insurance Plus Banker's Guarantee of $5,000 (Non-Transferable) $246.10
Optional – Indemnity Insurance Excess $250 $53.50

*Fees for Transfer Indonesian Maid

Agency Fee $1,498.00
Work Permit Application $30
E-Issue to MOM $30
Replacement – 6 months (Excluding SIP and Insurance and BG) UNLIMITED ($60 Processing Fee per Replacement)
Accident and Hospitalization Plus Banker's Guarantee of $5,000 (Non-Transferable) $246.10
Optional – Indemnity Insurance Excess $250 $533.50

* Above fees and price is a general guide. Each maid agency fees and charges are different.

For An Indonesian Maid:

  • Minimum Salary - $550

For A Filipino Maid:

  • Minimum Salary - $570

For A Maid from Myanmar:

  • Minimum Salary - $450

For a Maid from Sri Lanka:

  • Minimum Salary - $400

The costs below are the same for all countries:

  • Security Bond, Medical and Accident Insurance - $300
  • Food for the Helper - $300
  • Monthly Levy for Hiring a Maid - $60 or $265
  • Other costs like basic necessities, travelling - $100

As an employer, there's a need for you to meet the country's eligibility criteria in order to hire an FDW. To hire an Indonesian maid, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old;
  • Not be considered as an undischarged bankrupt;
  • Possess the mental capacity to fully understand and discharge your responsibilities as an employer.

There are other factors too that will be considered like your financial ability to hire and house the Indonesian maid in an acceptable accommodation. If it is your first time hiring an Indonesian maid, you must attend the Employer Orientation Program before you can apply for being an employer of an FDW.


You should have no medical condition that will impair your ability to exercise control and supervision over an Indonesian maid's well-being. Examples of medical conditions include dementia, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer's disease which can cause symptoms like severe memory lapses, emotional instability, confusion, paranoia, etc.


You don’t need to spend a lot for you to employ the services of an Indonesian maid. Whether you are busy with your career or family, or you would just want help around your home, hiring a housekeeper won't only prove to be practical but also a lifesaver. If you want to find the right maid for hire, visit SearchMaid.com.sg today.



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