Maid Agency Review Singapore

Choosing a Maid Agency and its Reviews

Well, the hardest part to hire a maid is it find an agency. There are multiple options in front of you, every other agency seems good but still, it’s getting on your nerves. In order to make it convenient for you, search maid is making it easy to find the most suitable agency for you.

How to choose a maid agency

Many people in Singapore need the maid for daily households but choosing an agency is another process that needs your attention. Here is the little procedure you can follow for choosing the maid agency through a web portal of search maid.

Search maid has a complete database and there are some very crucial steps that we go through before listing any agency in our extensive database. So, check out the way we review maid agencies and decide to register with us.

Maid agency records

There is an employment directory (EA) on the government website and accessible to check an agency track record, its license and successful retention rate too. So, it is convenient for the employers who choose an agency with us because it only registered after checking its scoring on the government website. On the other hand is providing detailed information on every agency that is on their list.

Maid agency complaints

According to the government policy, it is obligatory to the agency to disclose the conditions of disputes between a maid and employer or related with agency and employer, all the terms should be disclosed in the contract at the time of hiring. Sort the matter by following the dispute handling mechanism propped while signing a contract but otherwise you should register your complaint to the small claims tribunals (a platform by the government).