Maid Agency Fee Singapore

What are the Maid Agency’s Fee and cost involved?

As the trend hiring maids for households is increasing in Singapore. Observing the interests of people, government is cooperating with all of the 3 stakeholders in this matter. There are certain rules for employers, agencies and for maids too. Well, while looking for a maid there are multiple questions in an employer’s mind. It can be about the fee, the agencies policies and their way of operating. But don’t worry search maid is here to help you with all the answers that are stuck in your mind.

Why maid agencies?

Well, finding a perfect maid that meet your needs is not that easy in Singapore. There are plenty of employers and independent search can always lead you to the fraud or maybe a disappointment. Still, you have aid agencies as an option. There are various licensed maid agencies are working to meet the demanding need of maids in Singapore. Even it is beneficial o maids to get registered conveniently and get employment.

How maid agencies operate?

The hiring or registration process requires different essentials and formalities both by the employer/maid. Maid agencies in Singapore operates according to the law implied by Ministry of Man Power (MOM). It is necessary for any agency to get license because without it they can’t operate in Singapore. And in case of breaching any of the conditions, their license will be cancelled under certain conditions. There are dermit points issued to an agency and any agency lower than 12 points will be lose all its points after 12 months. In case of other serious allegations the license will be cancelled immediately.

Why maid agencies charge?

Before agencies register a maid with them, they are supposed to go through all the documentation process. They get detail about experience of maid and go through the comprehensive process to ensure the best maid to register. General fee charges of agencies are based and vary according to the experience, nationality and the duties she is supposed to perform. A government fee is also included in it. However, there is list of agency fee mentioned, you can go through it.