Hire Part Time Maids and Cleaners Singapore

Hire Part Time Maids and Cleaners Singapore

Part Time Maids in Singapore

Imagine coming home tired and fatigue but then there is a lot of house work to do. Isn’t it more exhausting and already feels tiring? Coming from work and more work is waiting for you. Do wish for a helper at this time? Here is an option of part time maid. In this fast pace world, everyone needs a helper to meet their daily needs. Part time maid in Singapore is not only for the working women but for the people who need a right hand to fulfill their household needs. It is the best option for the people who are unable to get their work done at more ease. There are some questions that you must know answers before hiring a part time maid.

What It Meant By A Part Time Maid?

There are quite different terms related to this question and is totally defendant on your requirements. A part time helper can be twice or thrice in your home or on the daily basis for specific time period for selective households. This idea is only valuable for the people who are privacy protected and don’t want too much help around. Keep in mind that part time maid service has also have some set of instructions and a proper procedure is required for hiring.

How to Find a Maid?

Now this is something quite important to learn. There are multiple agencies working around the Singapore. They have online and office based facilities. You can research about them on the internet or get the detailed information on their ranking/license from the official website of Ministry of Manpower (MOM). You can find out the detail on search maid too. We have the largest database of maids according the customer requirement. Just visit our website or contact us at any time and our representative will help you in finding a right maid for you.

Process to Follow For Hiring a Maid

Anything that is important should be done by following proper process. Don’t just hire maid from outside or you’ll have to pay more prices in all terms. There are agencies that provide all the services you need. Formal interviews, proper documentation, liability contracts and most importantly work permit of a maid.

Search maid has the simple process, there is an online database you can look up into. It has the maids and many other agencies working in the particular field. Now you just have to shortlist the choice either its agencies or maids. Contact the team and they will guide you through the rest of the procedure. There is a 5 step simple process that you can conveniently follow for hiring the best part-time maid for your house.

Legal Formalities of Hiring

This is the most important step in the whole process. When it comes to the matter of hiring or registering an agency that deals with full time or part-time maids, you have to abide all the rules and legal terms instructed by the Ministry of manpower (MOM). The rules are simple but strict as no one is allowed to overlook any of the rules either maids, agencies or employees. Each of them would’ve to face difficulties in case of breaching the terms & conditions. There is a complete detail when you sign a contract with the maid but search maid can highlight key points about the rules set by the MOM.

In any other case proper legal action can be taken against any of the parties. So, it is important for everyone to stick by the rules for their own benefit.

How the platform of Search maid is helping in this matter?

Right maid at the right time, what else you need?

Search maid is one of the platform that brings employers, agencies and maids on a single stage. Our huge database of maids and popular agencies show the popularity of the company in a Singapore. However, we are providing these services to reduce the hectic job of finding and hiring. The data regarding maids is always collected from the reliable sources and the employee’s documents are cross checked. Same goes with the agencies, our proficient and professional teams’ works hard to get the best for the customers.

The only aim of providing this platform is to help the people of Singapore in getting the maid with less effort. Shortlist, interview and hire the best.