Transfer Maid Singapore

Transfer Maid Singapore

Our maids can be transferred from one employer to another.  We always ensure that the current employer has granted her permission for the transfer. Before you can hire a maid from us, we give you some chance to interview her, either through phone, Skype or Chat. This will help you know more about her and determine whether you will hire her or not.

Have you hired a maid from us and the tasks you hired her for are done? Do not worry as we allow for maid transfer in our agency. You just have to contact us and explain it to us. We will look for another employer who will hire her. Note that we offer our services in the shortest time possible, so this will not take long.

We also allow our maids to request for transfer if that is what they need. However, before we transfer our maids, we have to consult her employer first. The employer will allow us to transfer the maid. Note that we are determined as closely as possible with our clients so as to satisfy them fully. This explains why our business has grown so much in the shortest time. Clients who have hired our maids have recommended their friends to hire maids from us. Come and you will not be different.

Our maids are the best in Singapore. We always ensure that we hire the highly trained and experienced ones. We have to train our maids further and teach them how to offer the best services to their bosses. We also train our maids to relate well with their bosses and kids for a smooth working relationship. Our maids can relate with bosses of diverse origins, age and culture. Hire a maid from us today and we will work closely with you so that you may have a better experience!