Maid Insurance Singapore

Maid Insurance Singapore

Looking For Maid Insurance in Singapore?

Maid insurance is meant to cover all of the expenses as you hire a new maid. Basically, it includes accident cover, medical expenses and security bond to the Ministry of Manpower. These maid insurance policies are only meant to protect your maid and you in any circumstances. Life is completely unpredictable and things can really go beyond the expectations. You have hired a maid, she has a troubled health, she caused damage to your family or any other issues are quite common in these case. So, to protect you and your family, there is nothing to put on risk. There are no compromises on things because it’s about the family.

Insurance Policies That Cover Your Maid and You

There are some specific requirements for insurance set by MOM in Singapore but you can always benefit from the following policy of insurance. Your foreign domestic helpers have families too and you have yours. Both of the parties need some insurance. No one is ever in a position to risk their lives and end up empty-handed. So, these benefits help you cope with any kind of mishaps and unexpected occasions. Dealing with disasters can become easy with the policy. Here is a little guide about the points that you & maid can benefit with through the maid insurance policy.

1. Medical Expenses

In case your maid falls ill and wants to see a doctor, this insurance will cover the bills at the maximum possibility. Obviously, this benefit is for both maid and employer and no one has to worry about paying to the doctor once you have an insurance. These are overall expenses varies in different cases like one-day doctor expense up to 30-day hospitalization is possible due to health issues or injury.

2. Cancellation Refund

It is understood that sometimes people change their mind. After a few months, they find that concerning maid unsuitable for their daily household requirements. We cover up the complete refund according to the policy clauses. It is meant to cover up the complete fund, obviously, you cannot use it in future once you’ve replaced a maid. So, it is offered as a complete fund policy in maid insurance.

3. Family Protection

The family is the top priority and there is nothing to be bothered when it comes to them. We cover all the expenses of your family member if he/she is harmed by the maid you hired. All medical expenses of a victim would be paid as per the policy of insurance.

4. Wages Compensation

In an absence of your maid due to an injury or anything similar. Your domestic work comes to hold but you need to cover the wedges. No worries, your daily wedges will get covered by this policy.

5. Domestic helper’s liability

It is an insurance against any sums causing accidental bodily damage to any third parties, and accidental harm to any third parties’ properties, as committed by your domestic helper.

6. Home contents protection

Any damages to the personal property or theft will also get covered by this policy. Any damages will be covered under this benefit from the policy.

7. Special Grant

Life and death are related and nobody comes with an expiration date. It is sudden and obvious at any time. So, if any mishap has gone with your maid, the family will be given the expenses under this policy.

We don’t wish any damage or accidents to anyone. Not to the maid and wish all the very good for the employers too. But life has many funny ways to surprise us. You walk on the road, you are likely to get caught by the accident. Similarly, you live in this world around different circumstances and anything is quite possible. Insurance policies help you cover the damage on an immediate basis.

If you’re looking for any kind of insurance policies or facing difficulty in choosing the best plan. We are offering a help to our customers. These are legal and detail matters that requires proper guidance from some expert. Search maid has the team that can guide you through the process of selection and also through legal formalities. So, feel free to contact us at any time because in the end, it’s all about the customer’s convenience.