How To Hire A Filipino Maid In Singapore

There’s always so much work to be done at home. For someone who has kids, a job somewhere in the city, or even an elderly person living with them, juggling between the tasks at work and at home can be literally impossible. This is why the idea of hiring a Filipino maid in Singapore comes handy.

A foreign domestic worker can help take care of household chores and other assigned responsibilities. This can really relieve a lot of pressure in balancing your work and home life. But how do you actually hire a foreign domestic worker in Singapore? Well, this guide will help to ensure you get the perfect maid from the Philippines:

Using an Employment Agency

Although it’s still possible to hire a Filipino maid without engaging an employment agency that specializes in foreign domestic workers, for someone who’s doing this for the first time it’s highly recommended that you explore the services of an employment agency.

Picking the right employment agency, however, is not easy and here are some tips to help:

  • The employment agency for Filipino maids must be registered and licensed by the Singaporean Ministry of Manpower. Only licensed agencies can help you find maids without flouting the employment rules set for foreign domestic workers.
  • There’s also a rating system that has been developed by the Ministry of Manpower to help distinguish high performing agencies and those that don’t do so well. The rating system penalizes agencies that break the rules. These penalties are called demerit points. As a rule of thumb, always work with employment agencies that have less demerit points.
  • You may also consider the experiences of other clients who have used a specific employment agency to employ a Filipino maid in Singapore. These ratings and reviews are always available online. Don’t also forget retention rates. The retention rate refers to the number of FDWs retained in Singapore by employers for a period of more than 1 year as a percentage of the total by the same agency.
  • It’s also important to consider the total number of placements that have been done by a given employment agency. Hiring a foreign domestic worker can take time but the last thing you need is an employment agency that takes far too long to find the Filipino maid that you are looking for.

What to Consider Before You Sign a Service Agreements with the Employment Agency

The employment agency will require that you sign a service agreement before you can use their services. The service agreement will be the basis of the transactions made with the agency.

A good agreement must include the following:

  • The agreement must clearly indicate its validity period
  • All the costs that will be included in the process of hiring the foreign domestic worker must be clear. They must be broken down so that you understand what’s spent on what and why.
  • There must be a refund policy within the service agreement. The policy must also include clear refund guidelines and criteria.
  • The service agreement must have a replacement policy. This means that the circumstances and conditions that may require the replacement of the FDW must be clearly stated.


Different employment agencies in Singapore have their own unique ways of doing business. It’s always advisable to take some time and understand how a specific employment agency works and where you fit in as a potential employer.


Hiring a Filipino maid in Singapore using employment agencies is one of the easiest options for people who are doing this for the first time. You can visit anytime and access a wide range of options to choose from.

Employing a Filipino maid - General fees guide

Agency Fee for a New Filipino Maids $888.00
Agency Fee for an Experienced Filipino Maid $988.00
Work Permit Application 1st Medical Checkup and X-ray Filipino EC Processing Transportation E-Issue to MOM $30 $60 $200 $80 $30
Settling-in Program (SIP) $75 for New; $0 for Experienced
Replacement – 6 months (Excluding Filipino EC Processing, SIP, and Insurance & BG) UNLIMITED ($400 Processing for Each Replacement)
Accident and Hospitalization Insurance Plus Banker's Guarantee of $5,000 (Non-Transferable) $246.10
Optional – Indemnity Insurance Excess $250 $53.50
TOTAL FEE FOR NEW Filipino Maid $1,662.60
TOTAL FEE FOR EXPERIENCED Filipino Maid $1,687.60

*Fees for Transfer Filipino Maid

Agency Fee $1,498.00
Work Permit Application $30
E-Issue to MOM $30
Replacement – 6 months (Excluding SIP and Insurance and BG) UNLIMITED ($60 Processing Fee per Replacement)
Accident and Hospitalization Plus Banker's Guarantee of $5,000 (Non-Transferable) $246.10
Optional – Indemnity Insurance Excess $250 $533.50
TOTAL FEE FOR TRANSFER Filipino Maid $1,857.60

* Above fees and price is a general guide. Each maid agency fees and charges are different.



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