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Unistarr Employment Pte Ltd

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About Us

Unistarr Employment provides Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) from Indonesia, Philippines, Manipur, Mizoram & Myanmar.  We have New, Transfer, Experienced in Singapore and Experienced in overseas FDWs.    We are a licensed maid agency approved by Ministry of Manpower (Singapore).  Our FDWs are from licensed overseas agents with training centres equipped with the necessary requirements.   Unistarr is formed by a group of professionals to provide quality service to employers seeking FDWs.  The team identified many employers lamenting about their FDWs and it was usually a case of mismatch since the requirements of the employers were not met.  Unistarr prioritizes the needs of the employers above all to enhance the situation.   We provide training for our maids in Singapore. Maids will be exposed to electrical items, cleanliness & cooking.   We provide after-service to our employers and follow up with our customers.    We provide counselling and solutions for the maids when there are any issues.  

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