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Thank you for visiting our profile. We will do our best to match you with the most suitable helper to your family requirements.  We believe in putting our best effort to understand and pair both employers'' requirements and our candidates'' experience and skills.  We seek all parties involved to be patient and understanding, as personal characteristics, culture, and life experiences differ.  We offer fast and efficient service to our customers with one of the most affordable fees in Singapore.  Transfer Helpers Fee: 588.00 includes MOM fees and FDW Insurance.  Transfer Helpers pays a 1-month placement fee.  Ex-Singapore Indonesian Helpers Fee: 788.00 includes MOM fees, FDW Insurance, MOM Security Bond, 1 way Ferry ticket from Batam and Indonesian Agency fee.  Ex-Singapore Indonesian helper pays 1.5months or 2 months placement fee.  New/ Ex-Singapore / Ex-Abroad Filipino Helpers Fee: 1600.00 includes Singapore and Philippines agency fees, MOM fees, FDW insurance, MOM Security Bond, POEA fees, Philippines Embassy performance bond, 1-way Airfare from Manila capped at 100SGD, DHL Courier.  We fully comply with POEA regulation of no placement fee charged to the helper.  For more information: Please call us at 66330733 / 87008087,  Whatsapp: 87008087, Email: [email protected]  Jobs and Staff Pte Ltd is an Accredited Recruitment Agent with the Philippines and Indonesian Embassy.  We are also a registered Social Enterprise with raiSE Singapore.  HELPERS.SG - Helping All. 

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