Maid Remittance Singapore

Maid Remittance Singapore

Convenient Ways to Send Money Back Home – Maid Remittance

Our Foreign Domestic Workers are working day and night but the disappointment comes along when they are unable to send money back home. Obviously, they have sacrificed their time and life for the sake of family but not for the distress like this. Search maid has always proven their quality for the customers and that makes us trustworthy for most of the employers and maids. So, Search maid is making it easy for the maids. Here is the complete guide on ways and sources through which maids can easily send remittance to their hometowns. Being one of the largest maids’ databases in Singapore, we take it as our responsibility to discuss each and every matter relevant to employers or maids.

Many of the maids are managing their families by working in Singapore and by that remittance is one of the most important parts of their life. There are banks supporting this facility and many other money transfer companies helping both FDW and expats on this matter of remittance.

Let’s see the ways through which one can easily transfer their remittance overseas and have a cost-effective policy.

Sending Remittance through Banks

Further digging into the matter, banks have their own requirements on a particular subjective. There are two ways you can transfer money through banks:

Well, if you choose internet banking, you need an account in the bank and limited amount transfers are usually applicable on it. In case, it goes well with you then you can approach this option. Otherwise, it should be the second one to choose, through a bank branch, specific fees or charges may be applied (it varies through banks). More clear information on it can be requested through banks. Choose any of the specific banks and you’ll get the information. Contact the team of Search maid and they will also guide you in detail.

Sending Remittance through Transfer Companies

If the bank doesn’t seem to be a right option for your money transfer issue. You can choose any of the registered and well-reputed money transfer companies. We know, it can be risky but if the company is completing all the paper formalities and have a proper record management system, then there is nothing to worry about. There are plenty of remittance companies heling foreign domestic workers to send money back their home to the families. Some of the main companies are:

Apart from these larger companies, there are many other you can pursue transferring your money through remittance. You can contact the Search maid team for further information at any time. We are always glad to help our maids and other FDW.

Which one is a better option?

Now if you’ll compare both of the ways, there are different benefits and drawbacks respectively. We will mention the benefits and essential requirement for both and will let you decide the best for you.

1. Sending remittance through banks

2. Sending remittance through other companies

However, for the matter of fact, people are really convenient with transfer companies working in Singapore. Yes, banks are somehow convenient than the companies but companies authorized by the MAS are also impressive in their money transfer methods. After all, it is all about your convenience and ease, you’re always welcome for queries by the professional and qualified team of Search maid. Choose which would be a great way for maid remittance and let us help you with further information regarding your choice.