There are many people in Singapore who prefer transfer maids over new maids. The question is that what is the difference between new and transfer maids? Here, we can specify it for you. Many Maid hiring Agencies and employers hire new maids from overseas countries and when they work in Singapore for more than 3-4 years, they are called as transfer maids. You can say that new maids are just new in the country and to the environment but they can still be experienced from their own hometown.

You can judge that which option is better because it varies for everyone for different reasons. So, there are some factors that can help you make your decision while choosing a maid with Search maid. Helpers are interviewed before the time and one can always choose the according to the requirements and needs.

  • 1. You can meet them in person for the interview while others maids are mostly available for a phone conversation.
  • 2. Transfer maids have routine and may not find unnecessary wandering on the weekends.
  • 3. New maids may be known by name only and have no other record with the agencies whereas transfer maids have the whole background to look up.
  • 4. Singapore is a little tough for the new helper just arriving here. So, transfer maids are already familiar with many things which made them the good option.
  • 5. Also, transfer maids are less expensive other than the new ones.

The idea of transferring the maid from one employer to another is great but there are some legal formalities that shouldn’t be affected by the whole procedure. It is good to know the rules and regulations that have been set by the Ministry of Manpower.


Rules for the Current Employers

  • 1. Send her for the 6-month medical check-up. (if not done yet)
  • 2. Sign declaration form to tell MOM that you agree to the transfer.
  • 3. Pay the levy till the transfer date.
  • 4. Return the work permit to the Address of MOM provided on their website or you can get it from the agency too.


Rules for the New Employers

  • 1. Ensure that helper has been through the 6-month medical check-up.
  • 2. Apply for new Work Permit by following the instructions and within the time limit given by MOM.
  • 3. Ensure that Declaration form is signed by all the 3 parties new employers, current employer and the maid.
  • 4. Upload the Declaration form by log in to the MOM and print the Temporary Work Permit (TWP). The previous work permit will be automatically cancelled.


Transfer date can also be changed if both employers agree on it. You can apply for it through the website of MOM. The article has explained the procedure quite well. Still, if you need any guidance the team of search maid is always ready to help. So, feel free to contact and get the information regarding anything bothering you.

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