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One Employment Solutions & Services Pte Ltd

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About Us

Solutions & Services include:

*Deployment of new/transfer Work Pass Holder (EP, S-Pass, FW-WP and FDW-WP)

*Application of new/renewal/cancellation of Work Pass (EP, S-Pass, FW-WP and FDW-WP) to MOM

*Application of change of employer particulars for FDW to MOM

*Arrangement of medical examination upon arrival of new Work Pass Holder

*Arrangement of 6-monthly Medical Examination(6ME) for Work Permit Holder

*Liaison of passport renewal and home leave documentation Booking services of flight tickets for FDW

*Repatriation assistance of Work Pass Holder to airport

*Settling-In-Programme(SIP) registration assistance for first time FDW before work commencement

*Direct hire-assistance of FDW Assistance for purchasing of Banker's Guarantee for Personal Accident & Permanent Disability Insurance for FDW

*Assistance for registration of Employer's Orientation Programme(EOP) for first time Employer of FDW

*Counselling support services

*Embassy Endorsements Fast, efficient and reliable processing of applications

*Other Foreign Worker related services  

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