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    February 24, 2020
    Choosing a helper - Which Nationality is best for you?
    • Post By: Eugene Chan

    When it comes to engaging a helper for your home the most common nationalities of helpers are from the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, and some parts of India like Mizoram, Sikkim etc. What are the factors that determine the final choice of your helper and their nationality? There are quite a number of factors to take into consideration, such as religion, salary, adaptability, language barriers and many others. The usual primary factor employers take into consideration is of course, salary.
    The next thing that employers take into consideration are the religion and language, for example Indonesian maids are primarily Muslim therefore are unable to handle meats such as pork, or take care of dogs. There are of course exceptions here however the general population are unable to do so. English is the main language of choice in Singapore and Most Indonesians are able to converse in basic English but are most comfortable using Bahasa. The most versatile of the nationalities is Filipino, where they are able to handle all of the necessary tasks. Filipino helpers are also one of the more established nationalities so adaptability is a key factor here as well. They are primarily catholics and their command of English is the most advanced of all the nationalities, which makes them a very popular choice for hire.
    Burmese Helpers tend to command a lower salary but that does not mean that they are incapable or less skilled; it is only recently that they are legally allowed to enter Singapore for work as helpers. There are agencies who provide Caregivers originating from Myanmar and are equipped with all the necessary skills to care for the elderly or disabled therefore rest assured that they are adequately skilled to be of service to your household.
    Mizoram Helpers are often mistaken as Burmese, but they are quite different in terms of geography and culture. Mizoram helpers originate from India and primarily reside in the Aizawl District. They are able to command a slightly higher salary as they tend to receive a higher education than Burmese people. Their command of English is also much higher, which reduces the communication barriers between employers and helpers. They are also primarily Christian or Buddhist therefore there are less restrictions in terms of food preparation.
    Salary range
    The chart below ranks the salaries relative to the average maid agency fees in relations to general helpers only, not caregiver trained. 
    Filipinos - Majority are Catholic, and have a good command of english
    Indonesia - Majority are Muslim, Strong command of Bahasa  have a basic command of english
    Mizoram - Majority are Christian, with some buddhist, have a good command of english
    Myanmar - Majority Buddhists with some Christians, have a basic command of english

    This guide of course serves only as a general breakdown between the different helper’s nationalities. The helper’s skills and experience could vary greatly and is all dependent on your needs and expectations, so go through an interview process with them to understand each other’s expectations and capabilities!