Preferred Rest Days: 2 rest days per month


SINGAPORE 2017 TO 2019

She encountered 2 employers.

1st employer, she worked for Muslim family in 4 bedrooms EA HDB flat. She served 4 family members, Employer and husband lived with 2 kids aged 12 and 20 years old. She also looks after the younger child who is a special child. She sent and fetch from school and handle the housekeeping duties, tidy up 4 bedrooms, daily laundry, ironing, assist Madam in cooking when needed because she required to focus more on the special child and others.

REASON FOR TRANSFER: Not able to handle the child (Autism)

2nd employer, she worked for Indian family in a 3 bedrooms HDB flat. there are 3 members in the house. Madam Sir and 7 years old daughter. She handled the chid, sent and fetch from school. Back home, she does all around housekeeping duties and cooking.

REASON FOR TRANSFERShe was asked to work in 2 houses. Request for transfer but employer only allow 1 week. She went back to Indonesia


She is single and came from West Java. Father has passed away and Mum is a homemaker. She wants to work abroad to gain more experience and provide a better life for her family back home.

She can speak and understand English. Good with children. Willing to handle elderly but mobile only. She can handle Indonesian dishes like Rendang, Opor, Sayur Asem, Lodeh, Fried kangkong and many more. Indian cooking like Rasem, Curry, Sambal etc.

She has no allergy and medical fit to work.

She is willing to work with 2 rest days and understand the usage of HP during working hours.

Fast arrival.




Ref. Code SEP 001
Place of Birth INDONESIA
Type Ex Maid
Siblings 3
Preferred Rest 2 rest days per month
Height 159cm
Weight 50kg
Maid Agency Super Expres...
Date of Birth 16-01-1989
Age 31 Years
Nationality Indonesian
Marital Status Single
Religion Muslim
Children No
Children Ages No
Education Secondary level (8~9 yrs)
Langauge Skill
English (2 yrs/0 mon) Stars 3
Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia (2 yrs/0 mon) Stars 5
Language Observations
Care for Disabled (0 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes Stars
Care for Elderly (0 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes Stars
Care for Infant/Children (2 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes Stars 4
Cooking (2 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes Stars 3
General Housework (2 yrs/0 mons) Maid Preferred Work Scope: Yes Stars 4
Other Information
Able to handle pork?
Able to eat pork?
Able to handle beef?
Able to care dog/cat?
Able to do gardening work?
Able to do simple sewing?
Willing to wash car?
Willing to work on off days with compensation?
Working Experience
Singapore (2 yrs/ 0 mon)
Maid Agency Profile
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