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How SearchMaid Is Serving Better Than Bestmaid In Singapore?

Today the world is moving really fast even using a website is supposed to be quick. You just can’t waste time before it loads and then you find it difficult to get their niche. It takes quite long and you end up exhausting with the whole procedure. There are several companies in Singapore working in the maid industry providing databases on the agencies and maids. Now the question is that how Search Maid is better than the best maid when it comes to the process of hiring and other relevant formalities. Search Maid differs from the bestmaid in terms of many practical and obvious features that are basically the requirement of the platform.



Search Maid Is Setting New Trends in the Industry

This company is all about the customer’s convenience and comfort. So, here we brought a little comparison of both the companies working in Singapore. Remember that’s it’s a comparison based on quality so, you have to measure it on this base.

1. Personal Design

The website is all about personalization. Basically, it should represent each and every feature with a clear understanding. Search maid has its own personal design that meets the needs of their clients. Whereas bestmaid has that simple/typical design which takes too long for customers to get an understanding.

2. Mobile Responsive

Search Maid platform can be open on your mobile phones. No matter, where you’re, the website is responsive according to your device. Use it freely and avail the services you need for your house. On the other hand, bestmaid lacks responsiveness when comes to mobile phone and make it difficult for the clients to explore more according to the need.

3. User interface

It is one of the most essential features out of all. The world demands attractiveness in everything now. So, the website is facelifted for better performance and convenience. Same is the case with Search Maid, their user interface takes you smoothly to the exploration of your requirements within a few seconds. Best maid get stuck and user interface lacks that impact of understanding that should present between the customer and the platform.

4. Live chat for customer, agency and team

There is an option of one to one chat or a group chat that will allow you take your decision by proper research on the particular agency or service. You can ask questions regarding anything relevant to the services of Search maid, agency or a maid. The best maid doesn’t have the feature of live chat and customers don’t like to spend their time contacting and then making a decision.

5. Manageable System for everyone

Profiles of agencies and customers are handled simultaneously. Anyone can make their profile and handle the relevant data like messaging, chats, shortlists etc. This feature is not provided by bestmaid, they prefer handling everything in a slightly different way. Search maid gives a free hand to all the stakeholders, as it the matter that shouldn’t be compromised in any way.

6. The tendency to grasps the large data in the database

The capacity of databases of Search made is managed according to the need of all the associated holders. Profiling, data and then detail on every agency or cleaning company is not that easy to handle. But the database is large enough to grasp the information just to ensure your convenience in a better way. The database capacity of bestmaid is limited and that is the reason that there is always a chance to miss something great as an option.

7. All Data Organized in a manner

There is a specific pattern followed by search maid which leads to an organized data with detailed information. Proper analysis of all the information is carried out before publishing anything. Well in the case of the best maid, an employer will have a tough time in getting details with feasibility.

Search Maid at your Ease

However, Search maid is striving to make it all better for the customers. The only aim is to serve the right services at the less and right time. No delays in the loading of web or data you’ve requested for. You have all the facility to contact the team by any means which is convenient for you. So, have you decided yet that which platform is better? Let us know your opinion.