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Nest Egg Consulting Services

29 Maids

About Us

Nest Egg Consulting Services, a woman's entrepreneurship dream, provides personalized service in matching the expectations of both employers and domestic workers. Specializing in Indian FDW's - South and North. While recruiting Nest Egg primarily focuses on stability - high retention rate, invest time to understand the background and character/nature of the domestic worker to be able to suggest as per the requirement of the employers.   Nest Egg believes in, Right choice, Right Service Honest and transparent dealing Individuality/Versatility   Nest Egg provides, Personalized/ Empathetic service Post sales service - free counselling sessions as and when required Amicable problem-solving manner to be fair to both parties involved.

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  • Indian
  • Ex Maid
  • Separated
  • Christian
  • NE-0151
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  • Indian
  • Ex Maid
  • Separated
  • Hindu
  • NE-0131
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