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Our Mission We are a team of consultants dedicated to the swift and ethical placement of Filipino domestic helpers. At Roots, you will not be overcharged for our services. We base our placement on respect, transparency, fairness and care - ensuring (to the best of our abilities) that all employees enjoy a safe working environment and have access to quality mental wellness programmes or mediation. We believe in helping job seekers put down roots towards a fulfilling future, foster personal growth and facilitate strong employer-employee alliance.   Our Values Our ethical stance is to uphold respect towards all our clients and maintain a supportive environment by providing an integrated service to both prospective employees and employers. We also value full transparency, fair treatment and safety in the workplace. To ensure personal and professional safety, we endeavour to place well-trained job seekers with reliable employers, protect personal data, and support our client's overall emotional well-being and adjustment. We strive to maintain strong ethical standards of practice in accordance with government (Ministry of Manpower) rules and regulations. In addition, we liaise closely with reputable entities to deliver a high level of service and care.   Our Services New Maid / Direct Hire Application (within 3-5 working days after IPA approval) Transfer Application Personal / Medical Insurance and Security Bond Renewal / Cancellation of Work Permit Arrangement for Medical Check-Up, Transportation Services (e.g. to and from airport, medical clinic, and MOM for work permit application) Home Leave Application / Air Ticket Reservation Counselling and/or Mediation   To Find Out More About Us and Get Our New Promo Package ($180 off), Visit Us At:

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  • Filipino
  • New Maid
  • Single Parent
  • Free Thinker
  • DH-0004
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  • Filipino
  • New Maid
  • Single Parent
  • Catholic
  • DH-0011
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