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SKY TALENT PTE LTD (License No: 10C3508) was established in 2010. Our Company is formed by a group of Professionals who strives to meet the rising demands of the modern family. We understand that every person's needs are different. We will work closely with you throughout the entire process of recommending, selecting and recruiting the most suitable FDWs for you and your family. After successful placement, we will follow up periodically to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your end, as we take pride in providing excellent customer service. SKY TALENT PTE LTD provides Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia and Mizoram. We have New FDWs, Transfer FDWs and FDWs who have prior experience in Singapore or other countries. Our FDWs are from licensed agents overseas. All FDWs will be transferred to training centre equipped with the necessary requirements for intensive training. In these centre, the potential FDWs are interviewed and strictly evaluated by our overseas Agency in terms of their attitude, experience, motivation to work and commitment before being accepted into the centre for further training.  

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  • Filipino
  • New Maid
  • Single Parent
  • Catholic
  • SMP0031
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  • Indian
  • New Maid
  • Married
  • Hindu
  • SMIN0046
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  • Indian
  • New Maid
  • Married
  • Hindu
  • SMIN0044
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