Can maid drive in singapore

Can Maid drive in Singapore?

As both husband and wife are working, and households cannot wait a single day. People in Singapore are hiring maids to get through their daily routine work. Maids are often hired by the authentic and registered agencies but there are certain things to consider before you hire them. First, do not anyone without a work permit. It’s not that they aren’t loyal, but the safety of your house comes first. Second divide their duties according to the laws because it is enforced to benefit you only. Last but not the least, be kind to them and avoid any kind of abuse to them.

It’s been years that different cases of accidents (maids involved) are circulating around Singapore, so, eventually, it has become a question whether they should be allowed to drive or not? While on the internet you might come across many opinions derived from different experiences. However, it is obvious that the decision is solely defendant on the employers of Maid.

Well, on this issue authorities and Ministry of Manpower has allowed maids to drive but under very strict circumstances. It is only possible if they have they have a work permit, license and employer will have to justify the reason to authorities before allowing maids to drive.  This is now on the employers to fulfil their side of duty. Remember that your children and even any one of you will be held responsible in case of any incident.

Can you Trust your maid with your car?

You might be thinking that how to trust a maid with your car? It is a risk that is the reason government of Singapore is making it convenient for you. Register with best companies around the country, check their license, work permit and all essential documents should be enquired before hiring any of them.  

Therefore, if you think your burden is more than you could bear, contact the ministry before allowing them to drive.  Remember that, once you have permitted them to drive, it is solely your responsibility to keep check, no agency or anyone else can be blamed for the incidents. You can allow them to pick your children up or in case you have forgotten something back home. There is nothing to worry if you trust them and you know they can drive well.

Maids are appointed for help and they should be helpful for an employer rather than another thing to worry about. That’s why try to make it all legal and paperwork should be done before hiring them or allowing them to drive.  Hopefully, the employers won’t risk them or their children’s lives for the sake of little extra help. It is better to keep the charge of your family in your hands and only go for the other option when no other option is there to opt.

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