• Woman condemned in singapore of obliging maid to hurt self with hot water
    January 19, 2019
    Woman condemned in Singapore of obliging maid to hurt self with hot water
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    Singapore is the home for many maids coming from Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and others. Recently, it has been reported by the newspapers about the maid, Phyu Phyu Mar, being abused by the employer. The owner name Seah has been charged for abusing and torturing her maid, it was a constant abuse from August to October 2016.

    As per the reports, there are six charges against a woman, Linda Seah. One of the incidents includes forcing maid to pour hot water on left shoulder, in order to hurt herself.  Straits Times reported that Seah was not satisfied by the performance of her maid and did it due to her lack of competence in completing chores.

    In a result of the hot water incident, the maid suffered through the burns on her skin and to further torture her, Seah gave her needle to poke blisters herself. One of the six charges on Seah is about, repeatedly, hitting the head of a maid with a mobile phone.

    In September 2016, she also grabbed maid by the hair until her hair fell out, leaving her hurt. A woman’s husband is also convicted of one charge of punching the maid in the forehead.

    Court officials stated that the "accused persons were convicted of the charges" on Friday. Punishing was regulated for February 11.

    However, Singapore has remained home shelter for many working women coming all the way from other countries. Incidents like this are making it a worse place for them to live and earn a livelihood. These abuse need to stop immediately. Authorities should improve the welfare of domestic workers and also conduct an interview with employers.

    Define some boundaries and workload limits to prevent such incidents. One can also conduct public awareness campaigns on media and social media for awareness. Explain law to the employers and strict implementation can restrict them from being an abuser. No employer should own the personal space of the domestic worker. They should be responsible for paying their daily wages, including medical emergencies and mobile phone bills. Countries or agencies should also take a deep look into the matter, they should inquire about employee and employer on their own. Collecting data on facts can also help in preventing such incidents in the future.

    Moreover, everyone should be treated as a normal human fellow being, no one is allowed to abuse another physically and mentally for their ego satisfaction. To prevent it for future, such people should be punished and presented as the worst example of society.