• How to keep your calm when you are angry at your maid
    January 21, 2019
    How to Keep Your Calm When You Are Angry At Your Maid?
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    Domestic helper is another way to have your chores done or get a helper to your children. This phenomenon is quite common in Singapore. Helpers are hired by the employers that have busy work schedules and unable to watch out home or kids. Therefore, they hire a maid or a helper to get for the home job.

    Singapore is the place for many maids to earn their livelihood. The numerous number of domestic helpers migrates to make a better lifestyle. Agencies are helping to make it all possible for the public to get a maid on demand. These helpers make every effort to be the best in their job. Still, you may get some things clingy and not done. It is completely fine, your anger is completely genuine but can you hold it for a minute. You can’t just vent out your anger and abuse your maid. Do you have a problem in dealing with her flaws? Try to teach her to do the chores, she may not be perfect and still needs to learn. There are certain ways to keep calm when you about to throw some ire on your helper.

    Ways to keep your maid untouched by your anger

    Remember that, she is just another person who had done wrong. You may have got something wrong in your workplace. Well, it happens to everyone. So, there is no point in taking out your anger on a maid. However, you can hold your anger and not let it destroy your or an employee’s life by the following way.

    ·        Know the reason for your Anger

    Reading out the latest news about physical and mental abuse of the maids, it can be said that sometimes, employers are the ones facing anger issues. It is not always the maid on the mistake, but the employer is either habitual of belittling people or had an attitude problem. According to the recent news, the couple was imprisoned for making forcing a helper to drink filthy water and there were six other charges on a woman too. Now, this is beyond the imagination. People have been doing out of the emotional imbalance.

    If you have a maid, you need to practice calmness and not lash out at her. Someone is working really hard to fulfil their duties. If you can’t be supportive, at least be a kind human being. You can also turn up your anger into an exciting activity, get involved with the activity that will snatch your tantrums away. Go for a walk, start medication, see a doctor if you are constantly in a form of anger and you might prevent from becoming a cruel person for someone else.

    ·        Remember the penalties and punishments

    Last year in 2018 when there was all a hype of going on crimes and maid abuse, Strait Times reported about the punishment framework. Well, it was the sentencing of 6 to 18 months, depending on the nature of the crime. However, this report further says that:

    “If the maid suffers serious harm, both physically and psychologically, the culprit should be sentenced to between 20 and 30 months’ imprisonment”.

    In this year of 2018, there have been several reports on maid suicide. Obviously, it is a concerned matter, people hired to work not to abuse. As an employer, understand your duty and let the process flow with love. Nobody wants to be the reason for someone’s death. So, in the world that is full of despair and unkindness, choose to be the one full of compassion.

    If you think your maid is not working fine, you can talk to her and make her talk about her personal problems. It might help you get rid of the anger that her poor performance has caused. Try every remedy before taking any abusing action. If you’re still unable to cope, just report to the hiring agencies and deal in a professional way.

    ·        Create a loving environment in the home

    One of the main problems that have caused bigger problems is parents being insensitive about the child’s behaviour with a maid. Considering them the part of the home may not be your house trend, but treating someone with inhumane manner should be excluded too. Teach your children to cooperate with the helper. If you’ll create a loving and comfortable environment at home, she might become more friendly and helpful for you. Love and affection are the only ways to work with your employees.

    ·        Forget the blame game

    Often we find someone to blame for our miseries. People tell them the stories, believe them and it comes out like a hell of anger. Your maid might be working because of her back home responsibilities, but considering her feeblest and vulnerable in front of you can get you caught in trouble. There is no point in ending up in a prison because of your abusive behaviour. Life is hard and one must try to understand it from someone else’s perception. Your maid is away from home, she might be homesick or really sick for work.

    Before making her the victim of your abusive language or action, consider all possible reasons for her lacking work ethics. If she lacks training, get back to the agencies and ask them to help you get out of the matter. Second, no matter what the situation is, even if she is standing on the wrong side and has done a crime. You just report to the authorities and let the government handle it.

    Wrapping up:

    When an employer shouts and tries to hit the employee, we know it is always more to the anger then met the eye. We are all human beings at the end of the day, it is very much possible that our soul is near combustion and let it out in a form of anger. It is natural to feel little low and face emotional imbalance in life, but lashing out at the other is never a good choice. Recent studies, researches and reports are clearly stating that the abusing maids in Singapore are increasing day by day. There are a large number of reports in last year, stating the current situation of maids regarding the abuse by employers.

    When you hire someone, take the complete responsibility of their legal protection and don’t forget to go through the punishments and penalties by the court. Work on yourself and let things get better, give her a time to settle down.

    In the end, just be a fellow human being for them and in the case of any serious problem, handle it in a professional or legal way.