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Maid Who Ill-Treated 9-Year-Old Is Sentenced to Jail For 8 Months

Employers have been in the news for so long and people would be wondering that maybe, it is always the employer's fault to ill-treat the maid. Considering a maid as your personal asset and dealing in an aggressive manner is not right by anyway. So, as it is not a right thing to put out all their anger on children and then the one with special needs. Yes, you heard the right, it is all over, and we need to learn some very basic behaviour ethics.

Well, on the 17th of August, one of the maids in Singapore was sentenced to 8 months jail because of ill-treating a 9-year old girl. She started working with the victim’s family in October and the parents of the girl entrusted her with taking care of the special girl. According to the report, it all started in January and till May, they couldn’t know that problem with the girl. As the girl was unable to talk so, she was obviously unable to tell anything to her parents.

It was in May when she hit the child on arm, it goes up with pinching her, scratching her on the back and so on. The day her mother noticed, she somehow managed to make the made confess that she had hit the girl with a spoon too.

The mother says that “I have been noticing scars on my child”. Well, it must be hard for a mother to believe that the Indonesian maid she has hired for her baby girl is hitting her constantly.

After that, she was immediately taken to the hospital and her medical reports tell about all the injuries she has been suffering for so long. Her arm, shoulder, back and neck were all telling the tale of being a victim. As the case followed and the Indonesian maid named as Atika was found guilty, the prosecutor suggested the jail of 10 months for her.

"Given her condition, she was unable to report the abuse she had suffered," said the prosecutor. "Instead of discharging her duties as a caregiver, Atika abused the trust placed in her by physically abusing the victim."

However, turning out to be apologetic Atika wrote the leniency about her jail sentenced. She wrote: "I have reflected on myself and I have reflected on my behaviour that I shouldn't have done what I did,"

Well, she could be jailed for 4 years and fined up to $4000 but her plea for guilty was accepted and there were no other complaints on her, so her punishment was limited to the 8 months.

Well, no matter how aggressive, disturb or stressed you’re, if you’re unable to perform your duties, just quit. The victim was completely vulnerable and defenceless against the abuse and the woman didn’t it either. However, it is the time to accept behavioural issues, we all need to look up to the things from pinpoint. It needs to be resolved from the roots of the matter, apparently from the hiring procedure. The attitude of a maid and also her work ethics should be monitored all the time until you’re sure of her basic fulfilment.

Take care of your children on your own, keep the check, and notice every little thing because not everyone is lucky like a mother to catch the maid. Sometimes, it gets too late to realize the constant abuse and you have faced a heavy loss in the consequences.

So, be alert hire a maid through authentic databases and ensure all the little details about your maid before entrusting her with the work or your child responsibility.

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