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    April 03, 2024
    My Maid Has a Side Business, What Should I Do?
    • Post By: Dylan Ong

    Have you ever stumbled upon a pile of packages in your living room, only to realize it's not your long-awaited online shopping spree arriving, but your maid's side hustle deliveries? 

    Or perhaps, you've caught a glimpse of her juggling calls like a stockbroker on Wall Street, coordinating sales rather than the usual household chores. 

    It's a scenario that might leave you scratching your head, wondering whether to applaud her entrepreneurial spirit or to be concerned about the legality and implications of her activities.

    Understanding the Situation

    First things first, it's essential to recognize the fine line between being a supportive employer and ensuring that the rules are followed. 

    Singapore has strict regulations regarding work permits and employment practices, especially for foreign domestic workers (FDWs). 

    According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), FDWs are not permitted to engage in any form of employment beyond their stated work permit conditions, including running a side business.

    Why It Matters

    Before visions of turning your household into the next startup incubator take hold, consider the risks. 

    Engaging in unauthorised work can have serious consequences for both the helper and the employer. 

    For the maid, it could mean fines, imprisonment, or repatriation. 

    As for employers, while the MOM has removed liability for some of the FDW's independent actions since January 2010, there's still a moral and ethical responsibility to ensure that your helper is not breaking the law.

    Navigating the Conversation

    So, how do you broach the topic without creating an awkward atmosphere at home? Here are a few steps:

    Open a Dialogue

    Start by having an open and honest conversation. 

    Express your concerns and let her know you're aware of her side activities. 

    It's crucial to approach this delicately and from a place of concern rather than accusation.

    Highlight the Legalities

    Educate her about the legal restrictions regarding work in Singapore for FDWs. 

    She might not be fully aware of the potential repercussions of her actions.

    Understand Her Motivations

    Try to understand why she felt the need to start a side business. 

    Is it financial pressure from home? 

    A desire to be more independent? 

    Understanding her motivations can help you find a mutual solution.

    Offer Support

    If financial issues are at the core, discuss possible solutions together. 

    Maybe there's room for a salary adjustment based on her performance or additional tasks she can take on legally.

    Finding a Way Forward

    Once you've had the conversation, it's time to decide on the next steps. 

    If she agrees to cease the side business, it's essential to monitor the situation respectfully to ensure compliance. 

    If the activity continues, you might need to consider more drastic measures, such as reporting to the authorities or seeking alternative arrangements for your household needs.

    When It's Time to Look for a New Helper

    In some cases, it might be best to part ways and find a new helper who can commit fully to their role within the legal boundaries. 

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