• Domestic workers for elderly people in singapore   hire well trained and maid with patience
    July 03, 2019
    Domestic workers for elderly people in Singapore - Hire well trained & Maid with patience
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    Domestic workers are most in-demand in Singapore, especially for older adults. Everyone in the house is working, and they require a patient maid to get along with an elderly person. There can be multiple reasons for hiring a maid, but when you hire for the elders, you need to be extra careful. You may have to leave them alone with the maid, and you cannot risk with their health or safety. 

    How to know if a maid is suitable or not?

    First of all, track all of her previous records and make sure she is not facing any charges of abusing or anything else. Second, be friendly with her to know her as a person. Once you provide a comfort zone to a person, they are open about their way of treating others; in fact, they might show you by the example. Third, if you are hiring a maid through maid agencies in Singapore, demand for the proven work with older people, on the other hand, you can also check if she is kind to other people or not, make her feel at home and she will be great with the person she is taking care. 

    How to track maid treatment with their older parents or grandparents?

    There are no hard and fast rules to take the matter in your hands. First thing first that you should be sure of your own behavior as well. It is not always a maid who is wrong, but sometimes your cold attitude can instigate her to do the nightmare things. However, in order to track the way she is treating a grandparent, you should be there and keep an eye. If you feel anything shady, try taking care of an elder person on your own and ask them gently. It is not easy, but you can always sense if a parent is going through any kind of pain Plus, be aware of her attitude towards different things and the way she reacts at discomfort. 

    How to know if your maid is patient enough to be kind with an older person?

    We are sure that you won't hire someone non-eligible for help. But as we come to meet someone in a person, our idea about him/her can change in a minute. So, when you are about to hire the maid, ask few questions, prepare her for any kinds of discomforts and held a proper meeting session to ensure if she is patient enough or not. If you are a good observer, you can know in a first meeting, or you can hire her for a few days to know her well enough to trust with an older parent. You can test her patience through different ways and also by observing her behavior for the days. Domestic helpers hired to form the agencies are usually great in their work but still, you need to do your own homework.

    Are you compensating her good?  

    Before going far to take the actions of a mid in an account, be sure if you are helping her in different ways or not. Making them feel the comfort of home can make a huge impact on her way of treatment. She can be a great woman with the ability to find a way through the heart. So, let her be and frequently ask her if she needs any personal support. Also, be considerate towards her feeling, befriend her, and make sure she is safe at your home. Teach your children and other members of the house to be respectful towards her. 

    Let's stop the saddening news here by taking a few steps towards betterment 

    According to recent news, a grandparent has to suffer because the maids were ill-treating her. They reportedly said that they have had changed three maids till now, but everyone was treating her in a sick way. The granddaughter shared some screenshots where it is mentioned that they found bruises on her body. The granddaughter stated that her grandmother is unable to remember anything, and the only person she recognizes is her maid. It is heart-wrenching to see a domestic worker treating bad an older person and not caring about their behavior. 

    It has to stop here, and the only way to stop it is to take some precautionary measures before hiring a domestic helper for your grandparent or parent. Additionally, don't be so busy with schedules that you stop checking up on your older parents, they deserve your time at least for a few minutes in a day.